New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics III

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Juli 2012



This volume contains the papers of a German symposium dealing with research and project work in numerical and experimental aerodynamics and fluidmechanics for aerospace and other applications. It gives a broad overview over the ongoing work in this field in Germany.


High Aspect-Ratio Wings.- Design Work for the A3XX High-Lift-Wing.- Recent Improvements in the Measurement of Aerodynamic Damping Derivatives.- Calculation of Horizontal Stabilizer Efficiency with a Navier-Stokes Code.- 3D RANS Simulations for High-Lift Analysis of Transport Aircraft Configurations.- Numerical Investigation of the Reynolds-Number-Effect on the Setting Sensitivity of a 2D High-Lift Multi-Element Airfoil.- Separation Control on a High-Lift Configuration by Periodic Exitation.- Numerical Investigation of the Effect of the High-Lift Configuration of a Transport Aircraft on its Vortex Wake.- The Relationship Between Near-and-Far-Field of Vortex Wakes from Aircraft with High Aspect Ratio Wings.- Influence of Different Flap Settings on the Hazard Posed to Following Aircraft.- Numerical Simulation of Wake-Vortex Encounters Using the Chimera-Technique.- Aspects of Low Speed Wind Tunnel Testing on an A400M Model with Propeller Simulation.- Coupling of DLR Navier-Stokes Solver FLOWer with an eN-Database Method for Laminar-Turbulent Transition Prediction on Airfoils.- Low Aspect-Ratio Wings.- Unsteady Measurements with the Continuously Rotating DLR-PSP-Model at the Transonic Wind Tunnel Göttingen (DNW-TWG).- Hypersonic Flows.- Turbulence Modeling for Reentry-Vehicles.- Computation of the Two-Dimensional Flow in SERN Nozzles.- Experimental Investigation of a Hypersonic Inlet for the TSTO-Configuration ELAC.- Aerodynamic Analysis of the Dual-Mode Ramjet Vehicle JAPHAR.- Study of Shock-Wave/Boundary-Layer Interaction Flowfield on a 24° Ramp Model.- Numerical Investigations of Small-Amplitude Disturbances in a Laminar Boundary Layer with Impinging Shock Waves.- Surface Temperature Effects on Shock-Wave Boundary-Layer Interaction of Ramp Flows.- Fluid-Structure-Coupling.- Preliminary Results of Numerical Simulations of Elastic Panels in Transonic Flows.- Fundamentals of Fluid Flow.- Numerical Simulation of Laminar Separation-Bubble Control.- On the Structure of Turbulence in the Transition Cylinder Wake.- Transition and Fluidmechanical Modelling.- Investigation of Subgrid-Scale Models in LES of Turbulent Flows with Separation.- Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Transition in a Laminar Separation Bubble.- Boundary-layer Separation Computed by Second-Moment Closure Models.- Experimental Investigation on the Behaviour of Disturbances Emitted from a Point Source in a Laminar Boundary Layer.- Experimental/Numerical Investigation of the Influence of a Pressure Gradient on Acoustic Roughness Receptivity in the Boundary Layer of an Airfoil.- Interference of Wave Trains with Varying Phase Relations in a Decelerated Two-Dimensional Boundary Layer.- Secondary Instability of Steady and Unsteady Crossflow Waves.- Examination of the Eddy-Viscosity Concept Regarding its Physical Justification.- Mathematical Fundamentals/Numerical Simulation.- A Numerical Method for Compressible and Low Mach Number Fluid Flow.- Turbulent Two-Dimensional Flow Around a Flexible Membrane Airfoil.- Solution of the Euler Equations on Locally Adaptive B-Spline Grids.- An Algorithm to Treat Flows Bounded by Arbitrarily Shaped Surfaces with Cartesian Meshes.- Grid Refinement Study with a UHCA Wing-Body Configuration Using Richardson Extrapolation and Grid Convergence Index GCI.- Convergence Acceleration on Unstructured Meshes.- Enhancement of a Navier-Stokes Flow Solver for Patched Grids with Non-Coincident Grid Nodes.- Bluff Bodies.- Flow and Turbulence Structures in the Wake of a Simplified Car Model (Ahmed Modell).- Flow Visualisation, Pressure Measurements and Numerical Calculations on Spike-Tipped Bodies.- Turbomachineri.- Tip-Vortices in Transonic Axial-Compressors.- Airframe Noise.- Airframe Noise - Generation and Reduction - a Report on Status and Perspectives of DLR-Research -.- Laminar Flow Control.- Receptivity of Three-Dimensional Boundary Layers to Roughness and Suction - Linear and Nonlinear Effects.- Active Control of Tollmien-Schlichting Instabilities by Multi-Channel Sensor Actuator Systems.- Measuring Techniques.- Time Resolved 2D Measurement Techniques for Quantitative Determination of Flow Fields and Surface Pressure Distributions.- Investigation of Transitional Structures in Artificially and Disturbed Excited Flat Plate Boundary Layer Flows Using Stereo and Multi-Plane PIV.- The Meaning of Disturbance Fields in Transition Experiments and Their Detection in the Test Section Flow of a Short Duration Wind Tunnel.- Surface Fence with an Integrated, Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor for Measurements of Static and Dynamic Wall Shear Stress.- Experimental Investigation of the Flow Close to the Surface of a High Lift Airfoil Configuration in a Large Wind Tunnel.- Detection of Density Gradients at Helicopter Rotor Blades in Flight.
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Untertitel: Contributions to the 12th STAB/DGLR Symposium Stuttgart, Germany 2000. 'Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design'. Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2002. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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