New Issues in Polar Tourism

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New Issues in Polar Tourism traces and analyzes a decade of growing interest in the polar regions, and the consequent challenges and opportunities of increasing tourist traffic in formerly remote and seldom-visited places. The book arises from the recently-formed International Polar Tourism Research Network (IPTRN), and documents the outcomes of its 2010 conference, held at Sweden's Abisko Scientific Research Station.


1.         Introduction: New Issues in Polar Tourism Dieter K. Müller*, Linda Lundmark &
Raynald H. Lemelin2.         Looking Back, Venturing Forward: Challenges For Academia, Community and Industry in Polar Tourism ResearchPatrick T. Maher*3.         What is Arctic Tourism, and Who Should Define It?Arvid Viken*4.         Narrative Frameworks of Consideration: Horizontal and Vertical Approaches to Conceptualising the Sub-AntarcticEric J. Shelton*5.         Reaching Consensus on Antarctic Tourism RegulationKees Bastmeijer &
Machiel Lamers*6.         The Effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessments on Visitor Activity in the Ross Sea Region of AntarcticaTanya A. O'Neill*, Megan R. Balks &
Jerónimo López-Martínez7.         German Tourism Activities in the Antarctic Area - A Governmental PerspectiveManuela Krakau &
Heike Herata*8.         The Wild North - Network Cooperation for Sustainable Tourism in a Fragile Marine Environment in the Arctic RegionSandra Magdalena Granquist &
Per Åke Nilsson* 9.         Tourism Resolving Crisis? Exploring Tourism Development in Iceland in the Wake of Economic RecessionGunnar Thór Jóhannesson* &
Edward H. Huijbens10.       A (Ski) Trip into the Future - Climate Change and Winter Tourism in Polar Sweden in 2040Patrick Brouder &
Linda Lundmark*11.       Conflicting Discourses in Tourism Development - A Case of Kilpisjärvi Village, Finnish LaplandTuukka Mäkitie &
Anna-Liisa Ylisirniö*12.       Will 'Free Entry into the Forest' Remain? Argumentation Analysis of Finnish and Swedish Discussions on Everyman's Rights Seija Tuulentie* &
Outi Rantala13.       National Parks for Tourism Development in Sub-Arctic Areas - Curse or Blessing? The Case of a Proposed National Park in Northern SwedenDieter K. Müller*14.       Indigenous People: Discussing the Forgotten Dimension of Dark Tourism and Battlefield TourismRaynald H. Lemelin*, Anna Thompson-Carr, Margaret Johnston, Emma Stewart &
Jackie Dawson 15.       New Issues in Polar Tourism: Conclusion Linda Lundmark, Raynald H. Lemelin &
Dieter K. Müller*Index


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