New Directions for Equity in Mathematics Education

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September 2003



The issue of how to provide equitable schooling for ethnic and linguistic minorities has come to the forefront of education. This volume brings together top researchers to examine equity from the standpoint of mathematics education--an excellent forum for the topic, since the results are quantifiable. The first essays address broad cultural issues, such as how social class and our notion of merit enter into education. The second section of the book analyzes gender issues in math learning, and the final section examines language and mathematics. A number of themes cut across these three groupings. For example, a critique of the reform movement surfaces in several chapters; many of the chapters look closely at teachers and the dynamics of the classroom, and chapters in different sections address issues of teacher empowerment and skill upgrading. Researchers, students, and policy makers in education, psychology, and cognitive science will want to read these provocative contributions.


Part I. Introduction: 1. The Quasar project: equity concerns meet mathematics education reform in the middle school; 2. Can equity thrive in a culture of mathematical excellence?; 3. Equity and mathematics education; 4. Making mathematics meaningful in multicultural contexts; 5. Social and critical dimensions for equity in mathematics education; 6. Equity in mathematics education: class in the world outside the class; 7. Economics, equity, and the national mathematics assessment: are we creating a national tollroad?; Part II. Equity Inside the Mathematics Classroom: Fact or Artefact?: 8. Redefining the 'girl problem in mathematics'; 9. Gender and mathematics from a feminist standpoint; 10. Attitudes, persistence, and mathematics achievement: qualifying race and sex differences; Part III. Making Inequality: Issues of Language and Meanings in Mathematics Teaching with Hispanic Students: 11. Equity in the future tense: redefining relationships among teachers, students, and science in linguistic minority classrooms; 12. Taking power seriously: new directions in equity in mathematics education and beyond.


"Readers will be rewarded in many ways! This book should be required reading for all mathematics educators, both teachers and teachers of teachers; administrators; and policymakers." Jacqueline M. Dewar, Teaching Children Mathematics "This volume will be useful for education researchers and those involved in the design of gender equity programs in math and science." The Monthly Forum on Women in Higher Education
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