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Many of the known degenerative syndromes that occur in situations where immune and neural cells die prematurely - resulting in disorders that involve both the nervous and the immune systems -, are termed neuroimmunodegeneration (NID) syndromes. This book addresses the intrinsic relationship between the nervous and immune systems, defines the NID syndromes and presents several examples of human and animal models for them. The advances in transgenic technology as new tools for investigating the specific features involved in pathogenesis are also discussed.


1. Hematolymphopoietic and Associated Cytokines in Neural Development.- 2. Neuroimmunodegeneration Syndromes: Definition and Models.- 3. Pathogenic Mechanisms in Neuroimmunodegeneration.- 4. ts1 MoMuLV: A Murine Model of Neuroimmunodegeneration.- 5. LP-BM5 MuLV Infection: Impact on the Immune and Central Nervous Systems.- 6. Transgenic Mice Expressing Cytokines in the CNS as Model Systems for the Study of Inflammatory Neurodegenerative and Demyelinating Disorders.- 7. Role for TNF in CNS Inflammation, Demyelination and Neurodegeneration Studied in Transgenic Mice.- Color Insert.
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