Navies in Northern Waters, 1721-2000

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Navies in Northern Waters is a collection of articles covering the roles played by the secondary navies of northern European powers and the United States within the maritime balance of power. The contributions covering the 18th and 19th centuries focus on their relations with each other as they sought to create a counterweight to the dominant naval power of Britain. The inter-war years are treated from the perspectives of international disarmament efforts within the framework of collective security, and the subsequent naval rivalry in the Baltic area in the years leading up to the Second World War. For the post-1945 period, the contributions concentrate on superpower rivalry in northern waters during the Cold War, the changing aspects of security policy since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the particular challenges facing small coastal states policing extensive waters of increasing economic importance.


Preface Introduction Rolf Hobson and Tom Kristiansen Part 1: The Dominant Naval Power: The Royal Navy 1721-1917 1. Great Britain and Maritime Law from the Declaration of Paris to the Era of Total War Andrew Lambert Part 2: Secondary Navies: The maritime balance and international law in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries 2. The Long Life of Treaties: The Dutch Republic and Great Britain in the Eighteenth Century Jaap R. Bruijn 3. Denmark-Norway 1720-1807: Neutral principles and practice Ole Feldbaek 4. Navies and Power Struggle in Northern and Eastern Europe, 1721-1814 Jan Glete Part 3: Secondary Navies with Potential and Aspirations, 1850-1918 5. Prussia, Germany and Maritime Law from Armed Neutrality to Unlimited Submarine Warfare, 1780-1917 Rolf Hobson 6. The Jeune Ecole: The strategy of the weak Arne Roksund 7. The US Navy and the Freedom of the Sea, 1775-1917 John Hattendorf Part 4: Sea Power or Collective Security? The Northern Waters between the Wars 8. The Interwar Years: Naval disarmament, collective security and preparations for war Tom Kristiansen 9. Naval Armaments Diplomacy in Northern Waters: The origins of the Anglo-Scandinavian naval agreement of 21 December 1938 Joe Maiolo Part 5: The Cold War and Beyond, 1945-2000 10. The Superpowers and Secondary Navies in Northern Waters during the Cold War Eric Grove 11. Major Coastal State - Small Naval Power: Norway's Cold War policy and strategy Rolf Tamnes 12. Coastal Power: The sea power of the coastal state and the management of maritime resources Jacob Borresen 13. The Role of Naval Forces in Northern Waters at the Beginning of a New Century Roald Gjelsten 14. Concluding Remarks Olav Riste Abbreviations Note on the Authors


Rolf Hobson is a Senior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies. He has studied at the universities of Oslo and Dusseldorf and earned his doctorate in history from the University of Trondheim in 1999. He has published several articles in Historisk tidsskrift, as well as Imperialism at Sea. Naval Strategic Thought, the Ideology of Sea Power and the Tirpitz Plan 1875-1914 (2002) and Vol. III of the History of Norwegian Defence (2001, with Tom Kristiansen). Tom Kristiansen is a Senior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies where he is responsible for the Institute's research programme on military theory and strategic studies. His recent works include 'Russerne odelaegge os; de berove os vor Naering...' Norge og Russland i nord til ca. 1820', Historisk Tidsskrift, no. 1, 1997, and (with Rolf Hobson), Total krig, noytralitet og politisk splittelse. Norsk forsvarshistorie 1905-1940, vol. III (2001)."
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