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These proceedings from the 2008 NSTI Nanotech conference provide the most prestigious forum in the world for leading nano scientists. The papers from the conference have been compiled into three volumes to create the most authoritative and comprehensive compendium available across all of nanotechnology. Including the latest information on industrial development, investments, and ventures, each volume explores cutting-edge research and applications. Volume III covers photonics, nanowires, lab-on-a-chip, nanofluidics, MEMS, and NEMS. This volume also explores the modeling and simulation of microsystems, computational nanoscience, and compact modeling.


Photonics & Nanowires Optical Nanotrapping Using Illuminated Metallic Nanostructures: Analysis and Applications E.P. Furlani, A. Baev, P.N. Prasad Fabrication and Characterizations of Ultra Violet Photosensor Based on Single ZnO Nanorod O. Lupan, G. Chai, L. Chow Simulation and Fabrication of Large Area 3D Nanostructures K.H.A. Bogart, I. El-kady, R.K. Grubbs, K. Rahimian, A.M. Sanchez, A.R. Ellis, M. Wiwi, F.B. McCormick, D. J.-L. Shir, J.A. Rogers From Radar to Nodar C. Falessi, A.M. Fiorello, A. Di Carlo, M.L. Terranova Passive Light Power Control Enbaled by Nanotechnology A. Donval, B. Nemet, R. Shvartzer, M. Oron FIB Generated Antimony Nanowires as Chemical Sensors A. Lugstein, C. Schondorfer, E. Bertagnolli Well-Ordered Semiconductor Wire-Arrays Driven by in-Fiber Capillary Layer Breakup D.S. Deng, N. Orf, A.F. Abouraddy, Y. Fink Tunnel Field Effect Transistor (TFET) with Strained Silicon Thinfilm Body for Enhanced Drain Current and Pragmatic Threshold Voltage M.J. Kumar, S. Saurabh Benchmarking Performance and Physical Limits of Processing Electronic Device and Systems: Solid-State and Molecular Paradigms S.E. Lyshevski, V. Shmerko, S. Yanushkevich Three-Dimensional-Topology Processing and Memory Cells for Molecular Electronics M.A. Lyshevski, S.E. Lyshevski Quantum Fourier Transform Circuit Simulator V.H. Tellez, A. Campero, C. Iuga, G.I. Duchen Effect of Swift Heavy Ion on CdS Quantum Dots Embedded in PVA Matrix and Their Applications G. Gope, D. Chakdar, D.K. Avasthi, M. Paul, S.S. Nath Numerical Analysis on Si-Ge Nanowire MOSFETs with Core-Shell Structure Y. Fu, J. He, F. Liu, L. Zhang, J. Feng, C. Ma Atomistic Simulation on Boron Transient Diffusion during in Pre-Amorphized Silicon Substrate S-Y. Park, B-G. Cho, T. Won Design and Implementation of Silicon-Based Optical Nanostructures for Integrated Photonic Circuit Applications Using Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) Technique S. Selvarasah, R. Banyal, B.D.F. Casse, W.T. Lu, S. Sridhar, M.R. Dokmeci Experiments and Simulations of Infrared Transmission by Transverse Magnetic Mode through Au Gratings on Silicon with Various Air-Slot Widths over the Period Y-R. Chen, C.H. Kuan Optical Absorption and Luminescence Study of ZnS Quantum Dots D. Chakdar, G. Gope, A. Talukdar, D.K. Avasthi, S.S. Nath Polypyrrole Nanoionic Composites for Solid State Electronics J.H. Zhao, R.G. Pillai, M.S. Freund, D.J. Thomson Multi-Bit/Cell SONOS Flash Memory with Recessed Channel Structure K-R. Han, H-I. Kwon, J-H. Lee Logicless Computational Architectures with Nanoscale Crossbar Arrays B. Mouttet Implementation of Comparison Function Using Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata M.D. Wagh, Y. Sun, V. Annampedu Modeling and Analysis of a Membrane-Based Randomized-Contact Decoder J. Long, J.E. Savage Nanostimulation in Brain and Emerging Imaging Capabilities R. Sharma, A. Sharma Low Turn-On Voltage and High Focus Capability Nanogaps for Field Emission Displays Y-T Kuo, H-Y Lo, Y. Li OH Radical Oxidation of Ethylene Adsorbed on Graphene: A Quantum Chemistry Study C. Iuga, A. Vivier-Bunge Germanium antimony sulphide nano wires fabricated by chemical vapor deposition and e-beam lithography C.C. Huang, C-Y Tai, C.J. Liu, R.E. Simpson, K. Knight, D.W. Hewak Improved Methodology to Nucleate ZnxCd1-xSe cladded ZnyCd1-ySe Quantum Dots using PMP-MOCVD for Lasers and Electroluminescent Phosphors F. Al-Amoody, A. Rodriguez, E. Suarez, W. Huang, F. Jain Synthesis of Nanostructures in Chlorine-Containing Media S.Yu. Zaginaichenko, A.G. Dubovoy Synthesis of Carbon Nanostructures in Liquid Helium D.V. Schur, V.A. Bogolepov, A.F. Savenko Preparation and applications of transition metal oxide nanofibres and nanolines T. Tatte, M. Paalo, M. Part, V. Kisand, A. Lohmus, I. Kink Some Properties of Electro-Deposited Fullerene Coatings O.G. Ershova, N.G. Khotynenko, E.I. Golovko, V.K. Pishuk, O.V. Mil'to, L.I. Kopylova, A.Yu. Vlasenko Optical properties of [001] GaN nanowires--An ab initio study B.K. Agrawal, A. Pathak, S. Agrawal Direct Synthesis of CNT Yarns and Sheets D. Lashmore, M. Schauer, B. White, R. Braden Morphological, Crystalline and Photoluminescent Property of Zinc Oxide Nanorod Array Controlled by Zinc Oxide Sol-Gel Thin Film J-S. Huang, C-F. Lin Synthesis of uniform ZnO nanowire arrays over a large area C-H. Wang, J. Yang, K. Shum, T. Salagaj, Z.F. Ren, Y. Tu Low temperature synthesis and characterization of large scale ZnMgO nanowire architectures P. Shimpi, P-X Gao Growth Fe2O3 nanowires with different crystal direction of iron film L.C. Hsu, Y.Y. Li A simple route to synthesize impurity-free high-oriented SiOx nanowires S.C. Chiu, Y.Y. Li Fabrication of Nanoparticle Embedded Polymer Nanorod by Template Based Electrodeposition W-S. Kang, G-H. Nam, H-S. Kim, K-J. Kim, S-W. Kang, J-H. Kim Magnetic Nanowires Based Reciprocal and Nonreciprocal Devices for Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC) B.K. Kuanr, R.L. Marson, S.R. Mishra Phonon-assisted tunnelling mechanism of conduction in SnO2 and ZnO nanowires P. Ohlckers, P. Pipinys Synthesis and Characterization of Templated Si-Based Nanowires for Electrical Transport J.H. Lee, M. Carpenter, E. Eisenbraun, Y. Xue, R. Geer Sensors & Systems Silicon on ceramics--a new concept for micro-nano-integration on wafer level M. Fischer, H. Bartsch de Torres, B. Pawlowski, M. Mach, R. Gade, S. Barth, M. Hoffmann, J. Muller Micro to Nano-Scaling Packaging Technologies for Future Microsystems T. Braun, K.-F. Becker, J. Bauer, F. Hausel, B. Pahl, O. Wittler, R. Mrossko, E. Jung, A. Ostmann, M. Koch, V. Bader, C. Minge, R. Aschenbrenner, H. Reichl Contact-Free Handling of Metallic Submicron and Nanowires for Microelectronic Packaging Applications S. Fiedler, M. Zwanzig, M.S. Jager, M. Bottcher MEMS Pressure Sensor Array for Aeroacoustic Analysis of the Turbulent Boundary Layer on an Airplane Fuselage J.S. Krause, R.D. White, M.J. Moeller, J.M. Gallman, R. De Jong Building Micro-Robots: A Path to Sub-mm3 Autonomous Systems J.R. Reid, V. Vasilyev, R.T. Webster Pressure sensor data processing for vertical velocity measurement M. Husak, J. Jakovenko, L. Stanislav Adaptive Subband Filtering Method for MEMS Accelerometer Noise Reduction P. Pietrzak, B. Pekoslawski, M. Makowski, A. Napieralski Microsystems on Their Way to Smart Systems L. Heinze A 20 m Movable Micro Mobile J. Jeon, J.-B. Lee, M.J. Kim Development of Active Systems for Military Utilization J.L. Zunino III., H.C. Lim Sensing Weak Magnetic Field by Leaving Biosystems and a Magnetoreseption Mechanism for Navigation S.E. Lyshevski Design and Microfabrication of an Electrostatically Actuated Scanning Micromirror with Elevated Electrodes M. Haris, H. Qu, A. Jain, H. Xie Deposition of functional PZT films as actuators in MEMS devices by high rate sputtering H.-J. Quenzer, R. Dudde, H. Jacobsen, B. Wagner, H. Foll 10GHz Surface Acoustic Wave Filter Fabrication by UV Nano-Imprint N-H. Chen, H.J.H. Chen, C-H. Lin, F-S. Huang Nano-gap high quality factor thin film SOI MEM resonators D. Grogg, C.H. Tekin, D.N. Badila-Ciressan, D. Tsamados, M. Mazza, M.A. Ionescu Multiband THz detection and imaging devices L. Popa-Simil, I..L. Popa-Simil Feasibility Study of Cochlear-Like Acoustic Sensor Using PMN-PT Single Crystal Cantilever Array S. Hur, S.Q. Lee, W.D. Kim Lab-on-a-Chip, Micro, & Nano Fluidics MEMS based examination platform for a neuro-muscular communication in a co-culture system coupled to a multi-electrode-array M. Fischer, M. Klett, U. Fernekorn, C. Augspurger, A. Schober GRAVI-Chip: Automation of Microfluics Affinity Assay Based on Magnetic Nanoparticle J.S. Rossier, S. Baranek, P. Morier, F. Vulliet, C. Vollet, F. Reymond One-Step White Blood Cell Separation from Whole Blood J-M. Park, B-C. Kim, J-G. Lee Detection of Clinical Biomarkers Using a Novel Parabolic Microchip Diagnostic Platform D. Hill, S. Hearty, L. Basabe-Desmonts, R. Blue, C. McAtamney, R. O'Kennedy, B. MacCraith One-Step Target Protein Detection from Whole Blood in a Lab-on-a-Disc B.S. Lee, J.G. Lee, J.N. Lee, J.M. Park, Y.K. Cho, S. Kim, C. Ko Using Microfluidics for Metabolic Monitoring of Single Embryo Cultures T. Thorsen, J.-P. Urbanski, M.T. Johnson, D.D. Craig, D.L. Potter, D.K. Gardner DNA Extraction Chip Using Key-Type Planar Electrodes S.M. Azimi, W. Balachandran, J. Ahern, P. Slijepcevic, C. Newton Amperometric glucose sensor for real time extracellular glucose monitoring in microfluidic device I.A. Ges, F.J. Baudenbacher Optimizing Multiscale Networks for Transient Transport in Nanoporous Materials R.H. Nilson, S.K. Griffiths Ultrasound-driven viscous streaming, modelled via momentum injection J. Packer, D. Attinger, Y. Ventikos Fluidic and Electrical Characterization of 3D Carbon Dielectrophoresis with Finite Element Analysis R. Martinez-Duarte, E. Collado-Arredondo, S. Cito, S.O. Martinez, M. Madou Generation of picoliter and nanoliter drops on-demand in a microfluidic chip J. Xu, D. Attinger Hollow Atomic Force Microscopy Probes for Nanoscale Dispensing of Liquids A. Meister, J. Przybylska, P. Niedermann, C. Santschi, H. Heinzelmann Electrostatic Induced Inkjet Printing System for Micro Patterning and Drop-on-Demand Jetting Characteristics J. Choi, Y-J. Kim, S.U. Son, Y. Kim, S. Lee, D. Byun, H.S. Ko A Novel Parallel Flow Control (PFC) System for Syringe-Driven Nanofluidics H. Liang, W.J. Nam, S.J. Fonash Integrated Thermal Modulation and Deflection of Viscous Microjets with Applications to Continuous Inkjet Printing E.P. Furlani, K.C. Ng, A.G. Lopez, C. Anagnostopoulos Micro bioreactor for muliwell plates with an active micro fluidic system for 3D cultivation F. Weise, C. Augspurger, M. Klett, A. Schober Discrete Volume Controllable Microdispenser Module S. Lee, J. Lee Fabrication and Characterization of Thermopneumatic Peristaltic Micropumps H-H. Liao, W-C. Liao, Y-J. Yang Discrete Mixing of Nanoliter Drops in Microchannels M. Rhee, M.A. Burns Modeling Magnetic Transport of Nanoparticles with Application to Magnetofection E.P. Furlani, K.C. Ng Micron Particles Segregation in Lower Electric Field Regions in Very Dilute Neutrally Buoyant Suspensions Z.Y. Qiu, Y. Shen, S. Tada, D. Jacqmin Limitations of DNA High-frequency Anchoring and Stretching H. Dalir, T. Nisisako, T. Endo, Y. Yanagida, T. Hatsuzawa A High Throughput Multistage, Multifrequency Filter and Separation Device Based on Carbon Dielectrophoresis R. Martinez-Duarte, J. Andrade-Roman, E. Collado-Arredondo, S.O. Martinez, M. Madou Lateral-Driven Continuous Dielectrophoretic Separation Technology for Blood Cells Suspended in a Highly Conductive Medium J. Seo, J. Jung, S-I. Han, K-H. Han, Y. Jung, A. Bruno Frazier Characterization of DNA Transport through a Semipermeable Membrane with the Effect of Surfactants S.W. Leung, S. Bartolin, C.K. Daniels, J.C.K. Lai Nanoparticles and Ultrahigh 21 tesla MRI Microimaging of Mice Brain R. Sharma Study on fluorescent detection glucose molecule marked with ZnSe nano crystalline in microchannels Z-C. Bai, S-J. Qin Lab-on-a-Chip Label-Free Protein Sensor Systems Based on Polystyrene Bead and Nanofibrous Solid Supports V. Kunduru, S. Prasad, P.K. Patra, S. Sengupta Nanomonitors: Electrical Immunoassays for Protein Biomarker Profiling M.G. Bothara, R.K. Reddy, T. Barrett, J. Carruthers, S. Prasad Ultrasensitive Electrochemical Detection of E. coli Using Nanoporous Alumina Membrane N.N. Mishra, W.C. Maki, B. Filanoski, M. Fellegy, E. Cameron, S.K. Rastogi, G. Maki Ferromagnetic Resonance Biochip for Diagnosing Pancratic Cancer E. Casler, S. Chae, V. Kunduru, M. Bothara, E. Yang, S. Ghionea, P. Dhagat, S. Prasad Chemically modified polacrylic acid monolayers in alumina nanoporous membranes for cancer detection S.V. Atre, N. Monfared, M. Bothara, S. Prasad, S. Varadarajan SPRi signal amplification by organothiols-nanopattern P. Lisboa, A. Valsesia, I. Mannelli, P. Colpo, F. Rossi Purification of Nanoparticles by Hollow Fiber Diafiltration D. Bianchi, D. Serway, W. Tamashiro Gaseous Flows and Heat Transfer through Micro- and Nano-Channels H. Sun, P. Wang, S. Liu, M. Song, M. Faghri Enhanced fluid transport through carbon nanopipes M. Whitby, L. Cagnon, M. Thanou, N. Quirke Electrokinetic Flows in Highly Charged Micro/Nanochannel with Newtonian Boundary Slip Condition M.-S. Chun, J.H. Yun, T.H. Kim Size Effect on Nano-Droplet Spreading on Solid Surface N. Sedighi, S. Murad, S. Aggarwal Experimental and Numerical Studies of Droplet and Particle Formation in Electrohydrodynamic Atomization J. Hua, L.K. Lim, C-H. Wang A capillary effect based microfluidic system for high throughput screening of yeast cells M. Mirzaei, D. Juncker Dielectrophoretic characterization and separation of metastatic variants of small cell lung cancer cells A. Menachery, J. Burt, S. Chappell, R.J. Errington, D. Morris, P.J. Smith, M. Wiltshire, E. Furon, R. Pethig External Field Induced Non-Uniform Growth of Micron Composite Materials in Insulating Liquid: Experimental and Simulating S. Tada, Y. Shen, Z.Y. Qiu A Self-Vortical Micromixer and Its Application on Micro-DMFC C. Lin, C. Fu Pressure driven tough micro pump F. Weise, M. Klett, A. Schober Direct Current Dielectrophoretic Characterization of Erythrocytes: Positive ABO Blood Types S.S. Keshavamurthy, K. Leonard, S.C. Burgess, A.R. Minerick Ceramic Microarrays for Aggressive Environments S.V. Atre, C. Wu, K.L. Simmons, S. Laddha, K. Jain, S. Lee, S.J. Park, R.M. German Understanding Conduction Mechanisms in Nano-Structures V.H. Gehman Jr, K.J. Long, F. Santiago, K.A. Boulais, A.N. Rayms-Keller Viscosity measurements of PEO solutions by AFM with long nanowires M. Hosseini, M.M. Yazdanapanah, S. Siddique, R.W. Cohn A lattice Boltzmann study of the non-Newtonian blood flow in stented aneurysm Y.H. Kim, S. Farhat, J.S. Lee Multiscale Design of a Laser Actuated Micro Bubble Array Acoustic-Fluidic Microdevice for Bioanalytical and Drug Delivery Applications Z.J. Chen, A.J. Przekwas A Higher-Order Approach to Fluid-Particle Coupling in Microscale Polymer Flows B. Kallemov, G.H. Miller, D. Trebotich Computational Microfluidics for Miniaturized Bio-Diagnostics Devices Using the Code "TransAT" C. Narayanan, D. Lakehal Simulation of RBCs Bioconcave Shape Using 2-D Lattice Boltzmann H. Farhat, J.S. Lee Numerical Modelling and Analysis of the Burning Transient in a Solid-Propellant Microthruster J.A. Morinigo, J. Hermida-Quesada Numerical Analysis of Nanofluidic Sample Preconcentration in Hydrodynamic Flow Y. Wang, K. Pant, W. Diffey, Z. Chen, S. Sundaram MEMS & NEMS Micro-Tip Assembled Metal Cantilevers with Bi-Directional Controlability H. Kwon, M. Nakada, Y. Hirabayashi, A. Higo, M. Ataka, H. Fujita, H. Toshiyoshi Novel synchronous linear and rotatory micro motors based on polymer magnets with organic and inorganic insulation layers M. Feldmann, A. Waldschik, S. Buttgenbach A novel high-sensitivity resonant viscometer realized through the exploitation of nonlinear dynamic behavior W.H. Waugh, B.J. Gallacher, J.S. Burdess Ultra-thin gold membrane transducer Y. Kim, M. Cha, H. Kim, S. Lee, J. Shin, J. Lee Micromachined Force Sensors for Characterization of Chemical Mechanical Polishing D. Gauthier, A. Mueller, R. White, V. Manno, C. Rogers, S. Anjur, M. Moinpour Modeling of Microcantilever-Based Nuclear Microbatteries B.G. Sheeparamatti, J.S. Kadadevarmath, R.B. Sheeparamatti Shape Memory Alloy and Elastomer Composite MEMS Actuators P.D. Fallon, A.P. Gerratt, B.P. Kierstead, R.D. White Development of A 4X4 Hybrid Optical Switch B.T. Liao, Y.J. Yang Stacked Coupled-Disk MEMS Resonators for RF Applications K.H. Nygaard, C. Grinde, T.A. Fjeldly Evidence of the Existence of Complete Phononic Band Gaps in Phononic Crystal Plates S. Mohammadi, A.A. Eftekhar, A. Khelif, W.D. Hunt, A. Adibi Detection of Plant Cell Compartments and Changes in Cell Dielectric Due to Arsenic Absorption via Traveling Wave Dielectrophoresis S. Bunthawin, P. Wanichapichart, A. Tuantranont Fabrication of nanoscale nozzle for electrostatic field induced inkjet head and test of drop-on-demand operation V.D. Nguyen, D. Byun, S. Bui, Q. Tran, M. Schrlau, H.H. Bau, S. Lee Nontraditional dicing of MEMS devices S. Sullivan, T. Yoshikawa Modeling & Simulation of Microsystems Fast Methods for Particle Dynamics in Dielectrophoretic and Oscillatory Flow Biochips I. Chowdhury, X. Wang, V. Jandhyala High-Stability Numerical Algorithm for the Simulation of Deformable Electrostatic MEMS Devices X. Rottenberg, B. Nauwelaers, W. De Raedt, D. Elata Physically Based High-Level System Model of a MEMS-Gyroscope for the Efficient Design of Control Algorithms R. Khalilyulin, G. Schrag, G. Wachutka Toward an efficient multidisciplinary system-level framework for designing and modeling complex engineered microsystems J.V. Clark, Y. Zeng, P. Jha Bulk-Titanium Waveguide--A New Building Block for Microwave Planar Circuits X.T. Huang, S. Todd, C. Ding, N.C. MacDonald The static behavior of RF MEMS capacitive switches in contact H.M.R. Suy, R.W. Herfst, P.G. Steeneken, J. Stulemeijer and J.A. Bielen Modeling and Design of Electrostatic Voltage Sensors Based on Micromachined Torsional Actuators J. Dittmer, A. Dittmer, R. Judaschke, S. Buttgenbach Anomalous Thermomechanical Softening-Hardening Transitions in Micro-Oscillators T. Sahai, R. Bhiladvala, A. Zehnder Test ASIC for Real Time Estimation of Chip Temperature M. Szermer, Z. Kulesza, M. Janicki, A. Napieralski Simulation of Field-Plate Effects on Lag and Current Collapse in GaN-Based FETs K. Itagaki, A. Nakajima, K. Horio First self-consistent thermal electron-phonon simulator D. Vasileska, K. Raleva, S.M. Goodnick Structure Generation for the Numerical Simulation of Nano-Scaled MOSFETs C. Kernstock, M. Karner, O. Baumgartner, A. Gehring, S. Holzer, H. Kosina The Immersed Surfaces Technology for Reliable and Fast Setup of Microfluidics Simulation Problems M. Icardi, D. Caviezel, D. Lakehal Process Sensitivity Analysis of a 0.25-um NMOS Transistor Using Two-Dimensional Simulations A.A. Keshavarz, L.F. Laurent, P.C. Leonardi The IMPRINT software: quantitative prediction of process parameters for successful nanoimprint lithography N. Kehagias, V. Reboud, C.M. Sotomayor Torres, V. Sirotkin, A. Svintsov, S. Zaitsev Microfluidic Simulations of Micropump with Multiple Vibrating Membranes K. Koombua, R.M. Pidaparti, P.W. Longest, G.M. Atkinson Numerical Modeling of Microdrop Motion on Digital Microfluidic Multiplexer A. Ahmadi, H. Najjaran, J. Holzman, M. Hoorfar Finite Element Analysis of a MEMS-Based High G Inertial Shock Sensor Y.P. Wang, R.Q. Hsu, C.W. Wu Design for Manufacturing integrated with EDA Tools U. Triltsch, S. Buttgenbach Modeling Voids in Silicon M. Hasanuzzaman, Y.M. Haddara, A.P. Knights Modeling Germanium-Silicon Interdiffusion in Silicon Germanium/Silicon Super Lattice Structures M. Hasanuzzaman, Y.M. Haddara, A.P. Knights Effect of Strain on the Oxidation Rate of Silicon Germanium Alloys M.A. Rabie, S. Gou, Y.M. Haddara, A.P. Knights, J. Wojcik, P. Mascher A Physics-Based Empirical Model for Ge Self Diffusion in Silicon Germanium Alloys M.A. Rabie, Y.M. Haddara Assessment of L-DUMGAC MOSFET for High Performance RF Applications with Intrinsic Delay and Stability as Design Tools R. Chaujar, R. Kaur, M. Saxena, M. Gupta, R.S. Gupta A Continuous yet Explicit Carrier-Based Core Model for the Long Channel Undoped Surrounding-Gate MOSFETs L. Zhang, J. He, F. Liu, J. Zhang, J. Feng, C. Ma Diode Parameter Extraction by a Linear Cofactor Difference Operation Method C. Ma, B. Li, Y. Chen, L. Zhang, F. Liu, J. Feng, J. He, X. Zhang A Complete Analytic Surface Potential-Based Core Model for Undoped Cylindrical Surrounding-Gate MOSFETs J. He, J. Zhang, L. Zhang, C. Ma, M. Chan A Novel Dual Gate Strained-Silicon Channel Trench Power MOSFET for Improved Performance R.S. Saxena, M.J. Kumar Pre-Distortion Assessment of Workfunction Engineered Multilayer Dielectric Design of DMG ISE SON MOSFET R. Kaur, R. Chaujar, M. Saxena, R.S. Gupta Linearity Performance Enhancement of DMG AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor S.P. Kumar, A. Agrawal, R. Chaujar, M. Gupta, R.S. Gupta Formal Verification of a MEMS Based Adaptive Cruise Control System S. Jairam, K. Lata, S. Roy, N. Bhat High-Frequency Characteristic Optimization of Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors Y. Li, C-H. Hwang, Y-C. Chen From MEMS to NEMS: Modelling and characterization of the non linear dynamics of resonators, a way to enhance the dynamic range N. Kacem, S. Hentz, H. Fontaine, V. Nguyen, M.T. Delaye, H. Blanc, P. Robert, B. Legrand, L. Buchaillot, N. Driot, R. Dufour Modeling and simulation of a monolithic self-actuated microsystem for fluid sampling and drug delivery P. Zhang, G.A. Jullien Characterization and Modeling of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers for Diagnostic Ultrasound C.B. Doody, J.S. Wadhwa, D.F. Lemmerhirt, R.D. White Modeling and Simulation of New Structures for Sub-millimeter Solid-state Accelerometers with Piezoresistive Sensing Elements R. Amarasinghe, D.V. Dao, S. Sugiyama Simulation of Constant-Charge Biasing Integrated Circuit for High Reliability Capacitive RF MEMS Switch K.H. Choi, J-B. Lee, C.L. Goldsmith Vibration-Actuated Bistable Micromechanism for Microassembly H-T. Pham, D-A. Wang Computational Nanoscience A Semiclassical Study of Carrier Transport combined with Atomistic Calculation of Subbands in Carbon Nanoribbon Transistors D. Rondoni, J. Hoekstra, M. Lenzi, R. Grassi Comprehensive Examination of Threshold Voltage Fluctuations in Nanoscale Planar MOSFET and Bulk FinFET Devices C-H. Hwang, H-W. Cheng, T-C. Yeh, T-Y. Li, H-M. Huang, Y. Li Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Bulk Silicon under Strain H. Zhao, N.R. Aluru Unravelling the interaction of ammonia with carbon nanotubes C. Oliva, P. Strodel, G. Goldbeck-Wood, A. Maiti Computational Modeling of Ligands for Water Purification Nanocoatings K. Vanka, Y. Houndonougbo, N.R. Lien, J.M. Harris, L.M. Farmen, D.W. Johnson, B.B. Laird, W.H. Thompson Numerical Simulation of Polymer Phase Separation on a Patterned Substrate with Nano Features Y. Shang, M. Wei, D. Kazmer, J. Mead, C. Barry Toward rational de novo design of peptides for inorganic interfaces M.J. Biggs Molecular dynamic simulations of bio-nanocomplexes involfing LDH nanoparticles and short-strand DNA/RNA P. Tran, Y. Wong, G.Q. Lu, S.C. Smith Quantitative Analysis of HBV Capsid Protein Geometry Based upon Computational Nanotechnology H.C. Soundararajan, M. Sivanandam Assembly of Nanoscale Scaffolds from Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNA) T. Husk Jr., D.E. Bergstrom Direct Numerical Simulation of Carbon Nanofiber Composites M. Yamanoi, J.M. Maia DNA Mechanical Properties: Formulation and comparison with experiments H. Dalir, T. Nisisako, Y. Yanagida, T. Hatsuzawa Computations on (Li)x@C60 Z. Slanina, S. Nagase Molecular Simulation of the Nanoscale Water Confined between an Atomic Force Microscope Tip and a Surface H.J. Choi, J.Y. Kim, S.D. Hong, M.Y. Ha and J. Jang Monte Carlo simulations of 1keV to 100keV electron trajectories from vacuum through solids into air and resulting current density and energy profiles A. Hieke Von Neumann Entropies Analysis of Nanostructures: PAMAM Dendrimers of Growing Generation R.O. Esquivel, N. Flores-Gallegos, E. Carrera Probabilistic Models for Damage and Self-Repair in DNA Self-Assembly U. Majumder Theoretical Investigation CrO2 as a Spin-Polarized Material J.D. Swaim, G. Mallia, N.M. Harrison A Theoretical Study on Chemical Reaction of Water Molecules under Laser Irradiation: Ultra Accelerated Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Approach A. Endou, A. Nomura, Y. Sasaki, K. Chiba, H. Hata, K. Okushi, A. Suzuki, M. Koyama, H. Tsuboi, N. Hatakeyama, H. Takaba, M. Kubo, C.A. Del Carpio, M. Kitada, H. Kabashima, A. Miyamoto Density Gradient Quantum Surface Potential H. Morris, E. Cumberbatch, D. Yong, H. Abebe, V. Tyree Fast Adaptive Computation of Neighbouring Atoms S. Redon Control of NEMS Based on Carbon Nanotube O.V. Ershova, A.A. Knizhnik, I.V. Lebedeva, Yu.E. Lozovik, A.M. Popov, B.V. Potapkin Field Emission Properties of Carbon Nanotube Arrays with Defects and Impurities D. Roy Mahapatra, N. Sinha, R. Melnik, J.T.W. Yeow The Concatenation of the Concurrent Self-Replication and Self-Organization Processes S. Wegrzyn, L. Znamirowski New Finite Element Method Modeling for contractile Forces of Cardiomyocytes on Hybrid Biopolymer Microcantilevers K. Na, J. Kim, S. Yang, Y.M. Yoon, E-S. Yoon Multiscale Approach to Nanocapsule Design Z. Shreif, P. Ortoleva Compact Modeling Capacitance Modeling of Short-Channel DG and GAA MOSFETs H. Borli, S. Kolberg, T.A. Fjeldly New Properties and New Challenges in MOS Compact Modeling X. Zhou, G.H. See, G. Zhu, Z. Zhu, S. Lin, C. Wei, A. Srinivas, J. Zhang Unified Regional Surface Potential for Modeling Common-Gate Symmetric/Asymmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs with Quantum-Mechanical Effects G.H. See, X. Zhou, G. 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