Nanoplasmonics: From Fundamentals to Applications

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April 2006



Covers the area of Nanoplasmonics, a topic in the field of nanophotonics, impacting a diverse range of research disciplines from information technology and nanotechnology to the bio- and medical sciences. This text focuses on the application of nanoplasmonics research and effects in devices for applications.


PART I: THEORY OF NANOPLASMONICS Chapter 1: Magnetic plasmon resonance. Chapter 2: Theory of optical transmission through arrays of subwavelength. Chapter 3: Linear and nonlinear optical response of concentric metallic nanoshells. Chapter 4: Low-dimensional optical waveguides and wavenumber surface. PART II : PLASMON ENHANCED SPECTROSCOPY AND MOLECULAR DYNAMICS Chapter 5: Specific Raman band shift caused by mechano-chemical effect in enhanced near-field Raman Spectroscopy. Chapter 6: Single molecule sensitivity in surface enhanced Raman scattering using surface plasmon. Chapter 7: Enhanced Raman scattering mediated by metallic surface-particle gap modes. Chapter 8: Surface plasmon enhanced excitation of photofunctional molecules in nanospace towards molecular plasmonics. Chapter 9: Localized surface plasmon resonance enhanced second-harmonic generation. Chapter 10: Localized surface plasmon resonancecoupled photo-induced luminescence and surface enhanced Raman scattering from isolated single Ag nano-aggregates. Chapter 11: Single particle spectroscopic study on surface plasmon resonance of ion-adsorbed gold nanoparticles. PART III: MATERIALS AND DEVICES FOR NANOPLASMONICS Chapter 12: Enhancement of luminescence in plasmonic crystal devices. Chapter 13: Intrinsic properties due to self-organization of 5nm silver nanocrystals. Chapter 14 : Gold nanorods: preparation, characterization, and applications to sensing and photonics. Chapter 15: Optical trapping and assembling of nanoparticles. Chapter 16: Femtosecond laser fabrication of three-dimensional metallic micro-nanostructures. Chapter 17: Nanophotolithography based on surface plasmon interference.
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