Naming and Thinking God in Europe Today: Theology in Global Dialogue

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Is there a new need and place for God-talk in Europe? The volume at hand confirms this as much as it opens up further questions. It shows, in Europe, different traditions of naming and thinking God draw on varying theoretical and philosophical foundations that in many ways compete with one another. Due to socio-cultural and political divides, along with the complex histories and intellectual rivalries between Eastern and Western Europe, these theological traditions often suffer from isolation and from mutual misunderstanding. Can these tensions be better addressed and can these conflicts be better understood? While exploring a variety of approaches in Europe on the topic, several authors also ask: How can God be named and thought in Europe as it finds itself in midst of complex crosscultural and interreligious processes? Particularly as immigration increases and peoples of non-Christian faith traditions name and think God in ways that differ from and sometimes conflict with Europe's dominant religion(s) and secular culture. What function and impact will traditional God-talk have in a globalizing Europe as religions such as Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism come into the Western foreground? The volume at hand not only reveals the broad spectrum of its topic, but it also documents the vivid seeking undertaken by a new generation of European theologians and scholars of religion who openly engage the question of how to live and believe in Europe today in the face of increasingly complex global relations and challenges.


Acknowledgments Norbert HINTERSTEINER: Introduction
Part I - Europe's God in a Globalizing World Peter BEYER: "God's in His Heaven ... Where He Belongs": Religions, Europe, and Monopolar Transcendence in Global Society Anne KULL: Speaking of God in the New World Order, Inc. John D'ARCY MAY: Europe's God: Liberator or Oppressor? The Postcolonial Mediation of Transcendence Jacques HAERS S.J.: Thinking about God from the Perspectives of Encounter and Community: A Challenge for European Theology in a Globalized World Hans-Joachim SANDER: From a European Subject to a Global Verb: God in Terms of Pastoral Relativity
Part II - Geographies of God in Europe Francois BOUSQUET: Thirty-years' Worth of Studies and Publications on the Subject of God Andras MATE-TOTH: Thinking About God in Central Eastern Europe: Social Experiences and Theological Challenges Karel SKALICKY: Thinking About God Philosophically in Europe Today: A Czech Perspective Laszlo HOLLO: Thinking God in National and Religious Conflicts: The Case of Romania Peter STILWELL: God in Twentieth Century Portuguese Literature
Part III - Musing on God in Europe Siegfried WIEDENHOFER: Thinking God Between Fundamentalism and Liberalism Maureen JUNKER-KENNY: Ethics, the Hermeneutics of Memory, and the Concept of God Amador VEGA ESQUERRA: Mystical and Aesthetic Experiences in Modernity Georgios D. MARTZELOS: Kataphasis and Apophasis in the Greek Orthodox Patristic Tradition Vincent HOLZER: Phenomenology and Theology: A Contemporary Exit Strategy from Metaphysics Georg ESSEN: Ethical Monotheism and Human Freedom: Theological Convergences with the Pluralism of the Modern Age Ioannis KOUREMBELES: Christian Monotheism: Exclusivity or Openness to Otherness? George De SCHRIJVER S.J.: Christian Faith in the Post-Modern Context. The Case of Gianni Vattimo Armin KREINER: Models of Divine Action in the World Tomasz WECLAWSKI: Thinking God in a Paschal Perspective Leonhard HELL: Communio - A Problematic Keyword of Contemporary God-talk
Part IV - Europe's God in Global Dialogue Keith WARD: The Idea of God in Global Theology Josef WOHLMUTH: Twentieth-Century Jewish Thought as a Challenge to Christian Theology Ghasem KAKAIE: Ibn Arabi's God, Eckhart's God: Philosophers' God or Religion's God? Bettina BAUMER: Can the Hindu Experience of God Enrich the European Concept of God? Marcus SCHMUCKER: Thinking God in South India: The Theistic Vedanta of the Visistadvaita School Aasulv LANDE: Thinking and Naming the Ultimate in Buddhist Theology Norbert HINTERSTEINER: Intercultural and Interreligious (Un)Translatibility and the Comparative Theology Project Perry SCHMIDT-LEUKEL: Limits and Prospects of Comparative Theology Klaus von STOSCH: Comparative Theology as an Alternative to the Theology of Religions Robert CUMMINGS NEVILLE: The Role of Concepts of God in Crosscultural Comparative Theology List of Authors
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