Musical Migrations: Transnationalism and Cultural Hybridity in Latin/O America, Volume I

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A dynamic and original collection of essays on the transnational circulation and changing social meanings of Latin music across the Americas. The transcultural impact of Latin American musical forms in the United States calls for a deeper understanding of the shifting cultural meanings of music. Musical Migrations examines the tensions between the value of Latin popular music as a metaphor for national identity and its transnational meanings as it traverses national borders, geocultural spaces, audiences, and historical periods. The anthology analyzes, among others, the role of popular music in Caribbean diasporas in the United States and Europe, the trans-Caribbean identities of Salsa and reggae, the racial, cultural, and ethnic hybridity in rock across the Americas, and the tensions between tradition and modernity in Peruvian indigenous music, mariachi music in the United States, and in Trinidadian music.


F.R. Aparicio &
C.F. Jáquez PART I: CARIBBEAN TRANSNATIONALISMS Amalgamating Musics: Popular Music and Cultural Hybridity in the Americas;
D.Pacini-Hernández La Cuba de Ayer/La Cuba de Hoy: The Politics of Music in the Cuban-American Community;
G.R. Guevara Con Sabor a Puerto Rico:The Reception and Influence of Puerto Rican Salsa in Venezuela;
M. Berríos-Miranda Le Français dans la Rue: Caribbean Music, Language, and the African Diaspora;
J.A. Winders Popular Music and Culture in Puerto Rico: Jamaican and Rap Music as Cross-Cultural Symbols;
J.L. Giovannetti Mambo Kings to West African Textiles: A Synesthetic Approach to Black Atlantic Aesthetics;
P. Austerlitz PART II: CULTURAL HYBRIDITY IN THE AMERICAS Musical Frontiers in Martín Fierro;
B.M. Morgan José María Arguedas's Representation of la Danza de las Tijeras: A Contribution to the Formation of Andean Culture;
J. Zevallos-Aguilar ;
translated by M.E. Cepeda La representación de la danza de las tijeras de José María Arguedas: Contribución a la formación de la cultural andina;
J.Zevallos-Aguilar Tradition, Modernity, and Artistic Agency in Trinidad's Panorama Steelband Competition;
S. Dudley El Mariachi: Musical Repertoire as Sociocultural Investment;
C.F. Jáquez Raza con Jazz, Rock con Raza: Latinos/as and Post-World War II Popular American Music;
A. Macías Rock'n'Roll in Peru's Popular Quarters: Cultural Identity, Hybridity, and Transculturation;
L.A. Ramos-García ;
translated by M.E. Cepeda Rock'n'roll en las barriadas peruanas: Identidad cultural, hibridismo, y transculturación;
L.A. Ramos-García


Frances R. Aparicio and Càndida Jàquez


"Musical Migrations maps the amazing mobility and incredible dynamism of today's "Latin" music. This whirlwind tour of the dynamic, fast changing, and increasingly eclectic musical fusions of the American hemisphere demonstrates that the same processes that so often produce conflict can also generate unprecedented new forms of cultural creativity, cooperation, and coalescence." - George Lipsitz, author of Dangerous Crossroads
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