Museum Archetypes and Collecting in the Ancient World

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Museum Archetypes and Collecting in the Ancient World offers the first general overview of the reasons why ancient civilizations from Archaic Greece to the Early Christian period amassed objects and displayed them together in public, private and imaginary contexts.


Preface and Acknowledgements

Maia Wellington Gahtan & Donatella Pegazzano Abbreviations List of Illustrations and Photo Credits Notes on Contributors
Museum Archetypes and Collecting: An Overview of the Public, Private, and Virtual Collections of the Ancient World

Maia Wellington Gahtan and Donatella Pegazzano 1 Towards the Museum: Perceiving the Art of "Others" in the Ancient Near East

Massimiliano Franci 2 Greek Temple Treasures and the Invention of Collecting

Josephine Shaya 3 Collecting the Past, Creating the Future: Art Displays in the Hellenistic Mediterranean

Margaret M. Miles 4 Hellenistic Court Collecting from Alexandros to the Attalids

Ann Kuttner 5 Poetic Depictions of Ancient dactyliothecae

Evelyne Prioux 6 The Culture of Collecting in Roma: Between Politics and Administration

Paolo Liverani 7 Archetypes of Collecting in the Roman World: Antiquarianism, Gift Exchange, Identity and Time-Space as Parameters of Value

Alexandra Bounia 8 Verres, Cicero and Other Collectors in Late Republican Roma

Alessandra Lazzeretti 9 Collectables, Antiques and Sumptuary Trends in Ancient Roma: A Look around the Dining Halls of the Late Republic and Early Empire

Ida Gilda Mastrorosa 10 Private Art Galleries in Roma: Literary and Archaeological Evidence

Francesca Ghedini and Giulia Salvo 11 Temple Inventory and Fictive Picture Gallery: Ancient Painting between Votive Offering and Artwork

Nathaniel Jones 12 Collecting Culture: Statues and Fragments in Roman Gardens

Richard Neudecker 13 The Opportunistic Collector: Sources of Statuary Decor and the Nature of Late Antique Collecting

Lea Stirling 14 Collecting and the Creation of History

Sarah Bassett Afterword. Framing Knowledge: Collecting Objects, Collecting Texts

Jas' Elsner
Bibliographies Indices


Maia Wellington Gahtan, Ph.D. (Yale University, 1995) is Program Director, MA Museum Studies at the Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici. She has published articles and books on museology and the interplay between intellectual history and the representational arts. Donatella Pegazzano, Ph.D. (Universita degli Studi di Roma e Firenze, 2000), professor at the Universita degli Studi di Firenze, has published articles and books in the fields of the history of art and the history of collecting. Contributors are: Sarah Bassett, Alexandra Bounia, Jas' Elsner, Massimiliano Franci, Francesca Ghedini, Nathaniel Jones, Ann Kuttner, Alessandra Lazzeretti, Paolo Liverani, Ida Gilda Mastrorosa, Margaret M. Miles, Richard Neudecker, Evelyne Prioux, Giulia Salvo, Josephine Shaya and Lea Stirling.
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