Multiscale Approaches to Protein Modeling

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November 2010



The book gives a comprehensive review of the most advanced multiscale methods for protein structure prediction, computational studies of protein dynamics, folding mechanisms and macromolecular interactions. It approaches span a wide range of the levels of coarse-grained representations, various sampling techniques and variety of applications to biomedical and biophysical problems. This book is intended to be used as a reference book for those who are just beginning their adventure with biomacromolecular modeling but also as a valuable source of detailed information for those who are already experts in the field of biomacromolecular modeling and in related areas of computational biology or biophysics.


Lattice polymers and protein models.
Multiscale approach to protein and peptide docking.
Coarse-grained models of proteins: theory and applications.
Coarse-grained modeling of biomolecules with transferable force field.
Effective all-atom potentials for protein studies.
Statistical contact potentials in protein coarse-grained modeling: From pair to multi-body potentials.
Bridging the atomic and coarse-grained descriptions of collective motions in proteins.
Structure-based models of biomolecules: stretching of proteins, dynamics of knots, hydrodynamic effects, and indentation of virus capsids.
Sampling protein energy landscapes -the quest for efficient algorithms.
Protein structure prediction: from recognition of matches with known structures to recombination of fragments.
Genome-wide protein structure prediction using template fragment reassembly.
Multiscale approach to protein folding dynamics.
Error estimation of template-based protein structure models.
Evaluation of protein structure prediction methods: issues and strategies.
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