Motives for Language Change

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November 2005



This book considers the processes involved in language change and how they can be modelled and studied.


Introduction Raymond Hickey; Part I. The Phenomenon of Language Change: 1. On change in 'E-language' Peter Matthews; 2. Formal and functional motivation for language change Frederick J. Newmeyer; Part II. Linguistic Models and Language Change: 3. Metaphors, models and language change Jean Aitchison; 4. Log(ist)ic and simplistic S-curves David Denison; 5. Regular suppletion Richard Hogg; 6. On not explaining language change: optimality theory and the Great Vowel Shift April McMahon; Part III. Grammaticalization: 7. Grammaticalization: cause or effect? David Lightfoot; 8. From subjectification to intersubjectification Elizabeth Traugott; Part IV. The Social Context for Language Change: 9. On the role of the speaker in language change James Milroy; Part V. Contact-based Explanations: 10. The quest for the most 'parsimonious' explanations: endogeny vs. contact revisited Markku Filppula; 11. Diagnosing prehistoric language contact Malcolm Ross; 12. The ingenerate motivation of sound change Gregory K. Iverson and Joseph C. Salmons; 13. How do dialects get the features they have? On the process of new dialect formation Raymond Hickey; Part VI. The Typological Perspective: 14. Reconstruction, typology, and reality Bernard Comrie; 15. Reanalysis and typological change Raymond Hickey.


Raymond Hickey is Professor of Linguistics at the Department of English, Essen University, Germany. His main research interests are computer corpus processing, extraterritorial varieties of English (especially Irish English) and general questions of language change. In the first area he has published extensively and in the latter his most recent publications are A Source Book for Irish English (2002), The Legacy of Colonial English (Cambridge, 2002) and Collecting Views on Language Change (special issue of Language Sciences, 2002).


Review of the hardback: 'Apart from providing pleasant reading for older scholars, this well-edited volume contains a great deal of material that can be used in advanced studies and researcher training in historical linguistics.' Journal of Sociolinguistics Review of the hardback: ' ... the papers are of uniformly high quality, and some of them are absolutely first-rate. A number of the contributions are also eminently suitable for use in advanced courses on historical linguistics. This book is a worthy tribute to a distinguished scholar.' CJL/RCL
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