Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Women

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April 2006



Mood and anxiety disorders in women represent an increasingly important area of research and treatment development. The authors take a broad biopsychosocial and developmental approach to the issues, beginning with adolescence and progressing through reproduction, menopause and old age. All the disorders are covered, from anxiety and borderline personality disorder to stress and late-life depression. Particular attention is paid to questions of vulnerability; epidemiological and clinical evidence showing gender differences in such disorders; aetiological explanations in terms of biological (including hormonal) as well as psychosocial parameters, and treatment implications.


Foreword; 1. Pubertal development and the mergence of the gender gap in mood disorders: a developmental and evolutionary synthesis Nicholas B. Allen, Anna Barrett, Lisa Sheeber and Betsy Davis; 2. Borderline personality disorder: sex differences Andrew M. Chanen; 3. Substance use and abuse in women Clare Gerada, Kristy Joyhns, Amanda Baker and David Castle; 4. Anxiety disorders in women Heather B. Howell, David Castle and Kimberley Yonkers; 5. Posttraumatic stress disorder in women Mark Creamer and Jessica Carty; 6. Domestic violence and its impact on mood disorder in women: implications for mental health workers Alison L. Warburton and Kathryn M. Abel; 7. Depression in women: hormonal influences Kathryn M. Abel and Jausahri Kulkarni; 8. Anxiety and mood disorders in pregnancy and the post-partum period Anne Buist, Lori Ross and Meir Steiner; 9. Pharmacological treatment of anxiety and depression in pregnancy and lactation Seetal Dodd, Jane Opie and Michael Berk; 10. Bipolar affective disorder: special issues for women Shaila Misri, Diane Carter and Ruth M. Little 11. Mood and menopause Lorraine Dennerstein and Jeanne Leventhal Alexander; 12. Anxiety and depression in women in old age Robert C. Baldwin and Jane Garner; Index.


D.O.B. 28 Aug 1961. D.O.B. 26 Aug 1958. D.O.B. 8 Nov 1967.


'... this book covers a wide spectrum of topics relevant to the psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, and mental health nurse in a straight forward manner, making it a good read for the general practitioner.' Saudi Medical Journal ' ... chapters are beautifully written while remaining rich in research information ... I unequivocally recommend this book. It makes an ambitious contribution to our understanding of gender disparity within the filed of women's mental well-being, effectively collating current disparate information into a coherent integrative overview. The result is a collection of meaty essays which should comprehensively satisfy the appetite for an enlightened and broadened perspective.' British Journal of Psychiatry 'The writing is clear and succinct, and the discussions are broad based and well supported with references to recent research. Developmental, social, cultural, biological, and psychological factors are all considered ... I find it difficult to praise one chapter over another because every one was filled with useful data for researchers, clinicians, educators, and health care administrators ... [this book] is an excellent overview of selected mental disorders that disproportionately affect women. Clinicians in both inpatient and outpatient mental health practice will find it a valuable guide to understanding these disorders and to current treatment practices.' Psychiatry Services
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