Modernity and the Second-Hand Trade: European Consumption Cultures and Practices, 1700-1900

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November 2010



Bringing together the latest research on the neglected area of second-hand exchange and consumption, this book offers fresh insights into the buying and selling of used goods in western-Europe during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and seeks to re-examine and redefine the relationship between modernity and the second-hand trade.


List of Tables and Illustrations Preface Notes on Contributors Introduction: Modernity and the Second-Hand Trade: Themes,Topics and Debates;
J.Stobart &
I.Van Damme PART I: THE NATURE OF SECOND-HAND What's New? Legal Discourse on Second-Hand Goods in Early Nineteenth Century Stockholm;
M.Wottle 'All but the kitchen sink': Household Sales and the Circulation of Second-Hand Goods in Early Modern England;
S.Pennell A Stolen Garment or a Reasonable Purchase? The Male Consumer and the Illicit Second-Hand Clothing Market in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century;
A.Toplis Second-Hand Dealing in Bruges, c. 1750-1870: Continuity and Change in a Modernising Town;
I.Van Damme The Polarisation of the Second-Hand Market for Furniture in the Nineteenth Century;
C.Edwards &
M.Ponsonby 'Souvenirs of people who have come and gone': Second-Hand Furnishings and the Anglo-Indian Domestic Interior, 1840-1920;
R.D.Jones PART II: BUYING AND SELLING SECOND-HAND GOODS 'Old books - new bound'? Selling Second-Hand Books in England, c.1680-1850;
I.Mitchell Power to the Broker: Shifting Authorities over Public Sales in Eighteenth-century Antwerp;
D.Lyna Going for a Song? Country House Sales in Georgian England;
R.MacArthur  &
J.Stobart Chairs and Tables under the Hammer: Second-Hand Consumption of Furniture in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century in Sweden;
S.Murhem , G.Ulväng &  K.Lilja 'Consuming Identities': Patterns of Consumption at Three Eighteenth-century Cape Auctions;
T.Randle The English Church Jumble Sale: Parochial Charity in the Modern Age;
V.Richmond Bibliography Index


CLIVE EDWARDS Reader in Design History, Loughborough University, UK
ROBIN JONES Principal Lecturer and Programme Group Leader, School of Visual Arts, Southampton Solent University, UK
KRISTINA LILJA Research Fellow and Lecturer, Department of Economic History, Uppsala University, Sweden
DRIES LYNA Research Assistant, Fund for Scientific Research, Flanders, Centre for Urban History, University of Antwerp, Belgium
ROSE MACARTHUR Research Student, University of Northampton, UK
IAN MITCHELL Honorary Research Fellow, University of Wolverhampton, UK
SOFIA MURHEM Assistant Professor, Department of Economic History, Uppsala University, Sweden
SARA PENNELL Senior Lecturer in Early Modern British History, Roehampton University, UK
MARGARET PONSONBY Senior Lecturer in History, University of Wolverhampton, UK
TRACEY RANDLE Principal Researcher, Museum van de Caab, Solms-Delta estate, Franschhoek, South Africa
VIVIENNE RICHMOND Lecturer in Modern British History, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
ALISON TOPLIS Honorary Research Fellow, University of Wolverhampton, UK
GÖRAN ULVÄNG Research Fellow, Department of Economic History, Uppsala University, Sweden
MARTIN WOTTLE Lecturer in History, Södertörn University, Sweden
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