Modern Methods in Orchid Conservation

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November 2004



This book offers information not only to the orchid research scientist, but also to the orchid enthusiast curious about the scientific background to this topic.


Preface; 1. Factors influencing the germination and storage characteristics of orchid pollen H. W. Pritchard and F. G. Prendergast; 2. Effect of temperature and moisture content on the viability of Cattelya aurantiaca seed P. T. Seaton and N. S. J. Hailes; 3. Asymbiotic germination of epiphytic and terrestrial orchids D. Butcher and S. A. Marlow; 4. Germination and mycorrhizal fungus compatability in European orchids H. J. Muir; 5. Host-fungus relationships in orchid mycorrhizal systems G. Hadley and G. F. Pegg; 6. The effects of the composition of the atmosphere on the growth of seedlings of Cattleya aurantiaca N. S. J. Hailes and P. T. Seaton; 7. Orchid propagation by tissue culture techniques - past, present and future J. Stewart; 8. Population biology and conservation of Ophrys sphegodes M. J. Hutchings; 9. Predicting population trends in Ophrys sphegodes M. J. Hutchings; 9. Predicting population trends in Ophrys sphegodes Mill. S. Waite; 10. Predicting the probability of the bee orchid (Ophrys apifera) flowering or remaining vegetative from the size and number of leaves T. C. E. Wells and R. Cox; 11. British orchids in their European context J. J. Wood; 12. The Nature Conservancy Council and orchid conservation L. Farrell and R. Fitzgerald; 13. A private conservation project in the coastal rainforest in Brazil: the first ten years R. C. Warren; 14. The role of the living orchid collection at Kew in conservation S. Tasker; 15. Import and export of orchids and the law S. G. Knees; Index.
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