Modelling and Experimentation in Two-Phase Flow

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This is an up-to-date review of recent advances in the study of two-phase flows, with focus on gas-liquid flows, liquid-liquid flows, and particle transport in turbulent flows. The book is divided into several chapters, which after introducing basic concepts lead the reader through a more complex treatment of the subjects. The reader will find an extensive review of both the older and the more recent literature, with abundance of formulas, correlations, graphs and tables. A comprehensive (though non exhaustive) list of bibliographic references is provided at the end of each chapter. The volume is especially indicated for researchers who would like to carry out experimental, theoretical or computational work on two-phase flows, as well as for professionals who wish to learn more about this topic.


Flow Patterns, Transitions and Models for Specific Flow Patterns (B. Azzopardi, J. Hills).-
Modelling of Stratified Gas-Liquid Flow (J. Fabre).-
Gas-Liquid Slug Flow (J. Fabre).-
One Dimensional Models for Pressure Drop, Empirical Equations for Void Fraction and Frictional Pressure Drop and Pressure Drop and other Effects in Fittings (B. Azzopardi, J. Hills).-
Liquid-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Systems (N. Brauner).-
Two-Phase Flow Measurement Techniques (V. Bertola).-
Critical Heat Flux, Post-CHF Heat Transfer and Their Augmentation (G. P. Celata, A. Mariani).-
Interaction between Turbulence Structures and Inertial Particles in Boundary Layer: Mechanisms for Particle Transfer and Preferential Distribution (C. Marchioli, M. Picciotto, A. Soldati)


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