Modelling and Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures for Dynamic Loading

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Juli 1998



A comprehensive review of the material behavior of concrete under dynamic loads, especially impact and impuls, opens the volume. It is followed by a summary of the various analytical tools available to engineers interested in analyzing the nonlinear behavior of reinforced concrete members for dynamic load. These range from relatively simple and practice-oriented push-over analysis to sophisticated layered finite element models. Important design-related topics are discussed, with special emphasis on performance of concrete frames subjected to seismic loads. The significance of modern software systems is recognized by including extensive examples. For readers not current in dynamic analysis methods, an appendix contains a review of the mathematical methods most commonly used for such analysis.


H.W. Reinhardt, C. Meyer: Material Modelling.- C. Meyer, F.C. Filippou, P. Gergely: Flexural Members and Beam-Column Joints.- C. Meyer, J. Blaauwendraad, P.H. Feenstra, R. de Borst: Modelling of Panel Structures.- T.P. Tassios: Modelling for Design.- P. Gergely, C. Meyer: Approximate Analysis and Design Tools.- J. Blaauwendraad, C. van der Veen, C. Meyer: Examples of Implementation.- C. Meyer: Review of Dynamic Analysis Methods.


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