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The proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress held in Beijing, China in August 1997. This volume focuses on mineralogy. It aims to present a view of contemporary geology to researchers interested in the geological sciences.


Major tendencies in research of mineral typomorphism
N.V. Petrovskaya and F.V. Chukhrov
The nature of the distribution and concentration of platinum-group elements in various geological environments
L.J. Cabri and A.J. Naldrett
Geological characteristics of typomorphic minerals from different deposits and occurrences in the Western Carpathians
J. JarkovskA1/2
Moderne Mineral-Klassifikationen (an historic review)
H. Strunz
Principles of classification of sulphosalts
N.N. Mozgova
Mechanisms of electrical conductivity of olivine
R.N. Schock, A.G. Duba and T.J. Shankland
Optical spectroscopy in general nd applied mineralogy
A.N. Platonov
A concise review of the up-to-date methods for the chemical analysis of the fluid inclusions in minerals
N.B. Piperov
Fluid inclusions in minerals and their significance in the study of hydrothermal ore formation
N.P. Yermakov, V.B. Naumov and D.N. Khitarov
Crystal chemistry and thermodynamics of mineral phases in the Earth's mantle
V.S. Urusov and O.L. Kuskov
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