Minds and Persons

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August 2003



The nature of the mind and of consciousness; the reality of freedom; the concept of agency and the relation of language to the mental are all basic perennial philosophical issues. They are some of the topics pursued in these original essays by leading thinkers in the field of the contemporary philosophy of mind and action. The essays are based on the lectures given in The Royal Institute of Philosophy's annual lecture series for 2001-2002.


1. Perceptual, reflective and affective consciousness as existence Ted Honderich; 2. The domain of folk psychology Jose Luis Bermudez; 3. Minds, persons and the unthinkable D. Z. Phillips; 4. Moderately massive modularity Peter Carruthers; 5. A theory of phenomenal concepts Michael Tye; 6. Free will and the burden of proof William G. Lycan; 7. Materialism and the first person Geoffrey Madell; 8. Language, belief and human beings David Cockburn; 9. Human minds David Papineau; 10. Non-personal minds Stephen R. L. Clark; 11. Personal agency E. J. Lowe; 12. Mental substances Tim Crane; 13. Mind and illusion Frank Jackson.
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