Milton and Gender

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A collection of essays on all aspects of gender in Milton's works.


Introduction: Milton's gendered subjects Catherine Gimelli Martin; Part I. Masculinity, Divorce, and Misogyny in Milton's Prose: 1. The gender of civic virtue: masculinity and Milton's consenting subject Gina Hausknecht; 2. The aesthetics of divorce: 'masculinism' and poetic authority in Tetrachordon and Paradise Lost James Grantham Turner; 3. Dalila, misogyny and Milton's Christian liberty of divorce Catherine Gimelli Martin; Part II. The Gendered Subjects of Milton's Major Poems: 4. The profession of virginity in A Masque Presented at Ludlow Castle William Shullenberger; 5. The genders of God and the redemption of the flesh in Paradise Lost Marshall Grossman; 6. Transported touch: the fruit of marriage in Paradise Lost John Rogers; 7. The experience of defeat: Milton and some female contemporaries Elizabeth Sauer; 8. Samson and surrogacy Amy Boesky; 9. 'I was his nursling once': nation, lactation, and the 'Hebraic' in Samson Agonistes Rachel Trubowitz; 10. The 'Jewish Question' and the 'Woman Question' in Samson Agonistes Achsah Guibbory; Part III. Gendered Subjectivity in Milton's Literary History: 11. George Eliot as a 'Miltonist': Milton, marriage and Middlemarch Dayton Haskin; 12. Saying it with flowers: Jane Giraud's ecofeminist Paradise Lost Wendy Furman-Adams and Virginia Tufte; 13. Woolf's allusion to Comus in The Voyage Out Lisa Low.


Catherine Gimelli Martin is Professor of English Literature at the University of Memphis.


"Maintaining the highest standards of scholarship and critical acumen, the contributors engage Miltons writings by reference to the cultural milieu of 17th-century EnglandThis timely volume auspiciously rides the crest of interest in the very topics that guarantee Miltons ongoing appeal to every generation." - Choice "The controversy over Milton's position on gender assumes center court in Catherine Gimelli Martin's very useful collection of essays..." - SEL: Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900 "Milton and Gender is a must-read not only for the usual suspects but also for cultural warriors on both the left and right." -Katharine Gillespie, Miami University "The impressive range her makes this an important and provocative collection...The readings are rigorous and inventive, and the contradictions and paradoxes that they finally acknowledge signal the ongoing life of the 350-year-old debate about Milton and Gender." Renaissance Quarterly Paula Loscocco, Sarah Lawrence College
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