Mill's on Liberty: A Critical Guide

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This volume of essays covers the whole range of problems raised in and by Mill's On Liberty.


Mill's On Liberty: Introduction C. L. Ten; 1. Mill's Case for Liberty Henry R. West; 2. Mill's liberal principles and freedom of expression David O. Brink; 3. Racism, blasphemy and free speech Jonathan Riley; 4. State neutrality and controversial values in On Liberty Gerald F. Gaus; 5. Rawls's critique of On Liberty Robert Amdur; 6. Mill on consensual domination Frank Lovett; 7. Autonomy, tradition, and the enforcement of morality Wendy Donner; 8. Mill and multiculturalism Jeremy Waldron; 9. Mill, liberty, and (genetic) 'Experiments in Living' Justine Burley; 10. John Stuart Mill, Ronald Dworkin and paternalism Robert Young.


C. L. Ten is Professor of Philosophy at the National University of Singapore. His publications include Was Mill a Liberal (2004) and Multiculturalism and the Value of Diversity (2004).


"...This book brings together ten very different contributions, each of which illuminates the essay's continuing interest... while several essays would be accessible and useful to undergraduate students, the collection as a whole is aimed primarily at researchers, or at least more advanced students... for those with an adequate background, this collection forms a fine introduction to some central interpretive debates around On Liberty." --Philosophy in Review, Ben Saunders, The University of Stirling
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