Microfinance Investment Funds

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Microfinance spans the range of finance, from the most simple enterprise to the complexity of capital markets. KfW actively promotes microfinance investment funds and other activities that facilitate the growth of microfinance. This book is an expression of KfW's role as information broker and trend setter. It offers a comprehensive range of perspectives and themes related to microfinance investment and its promotion.


Microfinance Investment Funds: Where Wealth Creation Meets Poverty Reduction.
Microfinance Investment Funds: Where Wealth Creation Meets Poverty Reduction.
The Market for Investment in Microfinance.
Microfinance Investment Funds: Objectives, Players, Potential.
The Market for Microfinance Foreign Investment: Opportunities and Challenges.
Micro-bubble or Macro-immunity? Risk and Return in Microfinance: Lessons from Recent Crises in Latin America.
ProCredit Banks in Southeast Europe: Successful Public-Private Partnership in Microfinance.
Risk and Governance in Microfinance Investment.
Commercial Investment in Microfinance: A Class by Itself?.
Investing in Microfinance Investment Funds - Risk Perspectives of a Development Finance Institution.
The Management of Foreign Exchange Risk by Microfinance Institutions and Microfinance Investment Funds.
Governance, Transparency, and Accountability in the Microfinance Investment Fund Industry.
The Future of Investment in Microfinance.
Sustainability in Microfinance - Visions and Versions for Exit by Development Finance Institutions.
The European Fund for Southeast Europe: An Innovative Instrument for Political and Economic Stabilisation.
Mainstreaming Microfinance - Quo Vadis Microfinance Investments?.
Commercial Investment in Microfinance: Fears and Fulfillment.
Microfinance Investment Funds: Looking Ahead.
A Donor-Investor's Vision for Enhancing the Future of Microfinance.
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