Methods of Programming

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Oktober 1991



The systematic development of software systems is a central
task of computing science. A software system is the result
of putting together knowledge about the application, the
requirements and the structures of computing science.
Under the heading CIP (Computer-aided Intuition-guided
Programming), a group of researchers led by Prof. F.L. Bauer
and Prof. K. Samelson started work in 1975 in the direction
of formal program specification, transformational
programming, and tool supportfor program development.
The collection of papers in this volume presents examples of
a formal approach to programming language concepts and
program development based on algebraic specifications and
program transformations. Examples are also presented of
evolutions and modificationsof the original ideas of the
CIP project. The topics range from descriptionsof the
program development process to derivations of algorithms
from specifications.
The volume is dedicated to Prof. F.L. Bauer.


Two metamodels for application system development conventional vs. object-oriented approach.- Transformational meta program development.- Another case study on reusability of transformational developments.- A formal method for the systematic reuse of specification components.- Deductive program development: Evaluation in reverse Polish notation as an example.- Literate program derivation: A case study.- Programs viewed as Skolem functions.- Calculating a garbage collector.- On the use of elements of functional programming in program development by transformations.- Transformational development of circuit descriptions for binary adders.
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