Methodological Issues in AIDS Behavioral Research

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Oktober 1993



Methodological problems have hampered researchers' efforts to understand and control AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic. This practical book addresses these problems by using actual health research case studies to develop strategies regarding design and sampling, measurement, and analysis and modeling issues. Researchers working on both biological and behavioral aspects of the disease will find this work a singularly effective tool to improve their study designs.


Design, Measurement, and TradeOff Issues in HIV Research; D.G. Ostrow; et al. Design and Sampling Issues: Ethical Issues and Approaches in AIDS Research; H. Stevenson, et al. Sampling Considerations in Research on HIV Risk and Illness; G. Kalton. QuasiExperimental Designs in AIDS Psychological Research; R.C. Kessler. Measurement Issues: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques to Develop Culturally Sensitive Measures; R.A. Zeller. Understanding Sexual Behaviors and Drug Use Among African-Americans; M.T. Fullilove, R.E. Fullilove. Response Bias of AIDS-Related Sexual Behavior; J.A. Catania, et al. Recollection in the Kingdom of AIDS; E.F. Loftus, R.T. Croyle. Comments on Loftus and Croyle's Chapter; R.M. Dawes. Analysis and Modeling Issues: Using Surveillance Data for Assessing and Projecting the AIDS Epidemic; V. de Gruttola, M. Pagano. Comment on de Gruttola and Pagano's Chapter; J.M. Karon. Analytic Methods for Estimating HIVTreatment and Other Cofactor Effects; J.M. Robins. The Design and Analysis of Partner Studies of HIV Transmission; N.P. Jewell, S.C. Shiboski. Index.
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