Medical Neuropsychology

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Neuropsychologists have an important role in potentiating the psychosocial adjustment and quality of life of patients through effective diagnosis and rehabilitation of cognitive and psychomotor deficits caused by acute and chronic disease. Thoroughly updated and expanded, this second edition of the highly acclaimed Medical Neuropsychology contains a complete review of the rapidly developing literature pertaining to the association between cognition and medical diseases. As a compendium of the empirical literature documenting the neuropsychological sequelae of organ and system pathology, this volume will be of interest of all practitioners interested in the integration of neuropsychology into the mainstream of health service delivery.


1. Perspective for Research on Neuropsychological Assessment of Medical Disease; M. Butter, et al. 2. Cognitive Neuroendocrinology: New Approaches to the Study of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Memory Disorders; S. Craft, J. Newcomer. 3. Pulmonary Disorders; R.O. Hopkins, E.D. Bigler. 4. Neuropsychological Consequences of Cardiovascular Disease; S.R. Waldstein, et al. 5. Neuropsychological Dysfunction Due to Liver Disease; R.E. Tarter, D.H. Van Thiel. 6. Neuropsychological Function in Renal Disease and its Treatments; N.H. Pliskin, et al. 7. Neurobehavioral Disturbances Associated with Disorders of the Pancreas; C.M. Ryan. 8. Thyroid Disorders; B.E. Beckwith. 9. Gonadal Steroids and Cognition; P.A. Keenan, R.M. Soleymani. 10. Neuropsychological Sequelae Associated with Occupational and Environmental Exposure to Chemicals; L.A. Morrow, et al. 11. Systemic Autoimmune Disease; S.R. Beers. 12. Sleep Disorders; D.A. Kelly, D.B. Coppel. 13. Neurobehavioral Complications of HIV Infection; T. Marcotte, et al.


From Reviews of the 1st Edition:
`...necessary reading for neuropsychologists..a generative and possibly prescient view of Neuropsychology. It is highly recommended.'
Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology
`..uniformly scholarly and comprehensive. [The editors] are to be congratulated for filling a gap in the neuropsychological literature with so fine a work.'
Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
`...provides a wealth of material...It will be welcomed by neuropsychologists who consult throughout medical centers.'
Contemporary Psychology
`...the book's major strength and contribution is its generally complete review of the neuropsychological changes associated with medical ilness...excellent.'
The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

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