Mediation in the Construction Industry: An International Review

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August 2010



The application of construction dispute procedures has changed dramatically over the years. This book identifies the emerging international practices within construction mediation, and seeks solutions to the many legal and commercial challenges which they pose. It also presents an international collection of reviews by experts.


Chapter 1: Introduction: International Review of Construction Mediation Chapter 2: Construction Mediation in Australia Chapter 3: Construction Mediation in Germany Chapter 4: Construction Mediation in Hong Kong Chapter 5: Construction Mediation in Malaysia Chapter 6: Construction Mediation in New Zealand Chapter 7: Construction Mediation in South Africa Chapter 8: Construction Mediation in Turkey Chapter 9: Construction Mediation in UK (England and Wales) Chapter 10: Conclusion: Review of International Mediation Practises and Key Legal Challenges


Penny Brooker is a Reader in Alternative Dispute Resolution and mediation at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Suzanne Wilkinson is Associate Professor at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Jointly, they are coordinators of TG 68, the international task group for construction mediation of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB), part of CIB's Working Commission W113 on Law and Dispute Resolution.


"...a useful addition to construction and legal libraries in providing a basis for understanding dispute resolution in several jurisdictions. In particular, it is a useful reference for legal aspects of mediation, especially in the UK, and so, very helpful for students undertaking courses on construction and the built environment." -Construction Management and Economics
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