Mediated Politics: Communication in the Future of Democracy

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Dezember 2009



This book investigates the questions arising from recent dramatic changes in democratic political communication.


1. Mediated politics: an introduction W. Lance Bennett and Robert M. Entman; Part I. Democracy and the Public Sphere: 2. The public sphere and the net: structure, space, and communication Peter Dahlgren; 3. Promoting political engagement William A. Gamson; 4. The internet and the global public sphere Colin Sparks; Part II. Citizens, Consumers, and Media in Transition: 5. Reporting and the push for market-oriented journalism: media organizations as businesses Doug Underwood; 6. Political discourse and the politics of need: discourses on the good life in cyberspace Don Slater; 7. Dividing practices: segmentation and targeting in the emerging public sphere Oscar Gandy; 8. Let us infotain you: politics in the new media environment Michael X. Delli Carpini and Bruce A. Williams; 9. The future of the institutional media Timothy E. Cook; Part III. Mediated Political Information and Public Opinion: 10. Reframing public opinion as we have known it Robert M. Entman and Susan Herbst; 11. Political waves and democratic discourse: terrorism waves during the Oslo peace process Gadi Wolfsfeld; 12. Monica Lewinsky and the mainsprings of American politics John Zaller; 13. The big spin: strategic communication and the transformation of pluralist democracy W. Lance Bennett and Jarol B. Manheim; 14. The impact of the new media W. Russell Neuman; Part IV. Mediated Campaigns: 15. Issue advocacy in a changing discourse environment Kathleen Hall Jamieson; 16. Implications of rival visions of electoral campaigns C. Edwin Baker; 17. Mediated electoral democracy: campaigns, incentives, and reform Bruce Buchanan; 18. 'Americanization' reconsidered: UK-US campaign communication comparisons across time Jay G. Blumler and Michael Gurevitch; Part V. Citizens: Present and Future: 19. Citizen discourse and political participation: a survey Roderick P. Hart; 20. Adapting political news to twenty-first century Americans Doris A. Graber; 21. National identities and the future of democracy Wendy M. Rahn and Thomas J. Rudolph; 22. Communication in the future of democracy: a conclusion.


' ... this is an excellent volume that provides scholars and students alike with a wealth of new empirical material and theories concerning the relative impact of the new communication technologies on the modern political communication processes.' Mark Wheeler, London Guildhall University 'Nearly all readers will find something of interest in this book ... the questions raised by Mediated Politics are of first importance.' International Journal of Public Opinion Research 'This is an interesting book and one that should be read by anyone who is interested in politics and in particular by political scientists in the field of political dynamics, politicians, communication specialists and students of communication in general. As expected, with so many authors participating, diverse views are reflected in the contents. this is in the book's favour and it provides a clear indication that the editors did not try to force the contents into a particular paradigm ... Hopefully, this book will inspire more attention to media in politics.' Politica
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