Mechanisms of Lymphocyte Activation and Immune Regulation X

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April 2005



This volume is edited by Dr. Sudhir Gupta, internationally recognized expert in Immunology, Professor of Medicine, Pathology, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. Topics include toll receptors, dendritic cells, NK cells, and complement receptors.


Preface.- TIR Domain-Containing Adaptors Regulate TLR Signaling Pathways.- Toll-Like Receptors: Linking Innate and Adaptive Immunity.- Activation of Insect and Vertebrate Toll Signaling: From Endogenous Cytokine Ligand to Direct Recognition of Pathogen Patterns.- Genetic Analysis of Innate Immunity: Identification and Function of the TIR Adaptor Proteins.- NF-kB, An Evolutionarily Conserved Mediator of Immune and Inflammatory Responses.- Influence of KIR Diversity on Human Immunity.- NKG2D in Innate and Adaptive Immunity.- Specific and Non-Specific Natural Killer Cell Responses to Viral Infection.- Antigen Processing and Presentation by Dendritic Cells: Cell Biological Mechanisms.- Human Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin Triggers Dendritic Cell-Mediated Allergic Inflammation and CD4+ T Cell Homeostatic Expansion.- Role of TRAF6 in the Immune System.- The Innate Functions of Dendritc Cells in Peripheral Lymphoid Tissues.- The Mannose-Binding Lectin: An Infection Susceptibility Gene.- Immunotherapy Via Dendritic Cells.- Ontogeny of Langerhans Cells and Graft Versus Host Disease.- Role of the CD19 and CD21/35 Receptor Complex in Innate Immunity, Host Defense, and Autoimmunity.- Role of Complement Receptor 2 in the Pathogenesis of Systematic Lupus Erythematosus.- Complement Regulation During Pregnancy.- Index.
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