Measure Theory, Oberwolfach 1981

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August 1982



Tight set functions and essential measure.- Some new results on measure extension.- On pointwise-compact sets of measurable functions.- On a generalization of the Ionescu Tulcea construction of a measure by transition kernels.- Measure-fine uniform spaces II.- The regularity of borel measures.- Symmetric ?-fields of sets and universal null sets.- On simultaneous preimage measures on Hausdorff spaces.- The outer regularization of finitely-additive measures over normal topological spaces.- Realization of maps.- A survey of homeomorphic measures.- Measurable and continuous linear functionals on spaces of uniformly continuous functions.- Disintegration of a measure with respect to a correspondence.- Strong liftings for certain classes of compact spaces.- Liftings and Daniell integrals.- Essential variations.- Differentiation of measures on Hilbert spaces.- A non-commutative Pettis theorem.- Weak compactness criteria in function spaces over a locally compact group.- A general system of polar coordinates with applications.- Bilinear maps from C(X)×M(X) to M(X).- Diagonal measure of a positive definite bimeasure.- The conical measure associated with a commutative C*-algebra.- The retraction property, CCC property, and Dunford-Pettis-Phillips property for Banach spaces.- Some remarks about the definition of an Orlicz space.- Orthogonally scattered dilation of Hilbert space valued set functions.- Extension of a tight set function with values in a uniform semigroup.- On the space of lattice semigroup-valued set functions.- Domination problem for vector measures and applications to nonstationary processes.- Gaussian plane and spherical means in separable Hilbert spaces.- A Kuratowski approach to Wiener measure.- A superadditive version of Brunel's maximal ergodic lemma.- On sub- and superpramarts with values in a banach lattice.- Ergodic theory on homogeneous measure algebras.- Slicing measures and capacities by planes.- Problem section.- Measurable selections and measure-additive coverings.- "Some comments on the maximal inequality in martingale theory" in Measure Theory, Oberwolfach 1979.
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