Meaningful Texts: The Extraction of Semantic Information from Monolingual and Multilingual Corpora

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Reflects the influence of corpus linguistics in areas such as lexicography, translation studies, genre analysis, and language teaching. This book is divided into two sections, the first on monolingual corpora and the second addressing multilingual corpora


Geoff Barnbrook is Lecturer in English Language in the Department of English, University of Birmingham. Pernilla Danielsson is Academic Director of the Centre for Corpus Research, University of Birmingham. Michaela Mahlberg is Associate Professor in English Language and Applied Linguistics at the The University of Nottingham, UK.


"The 21 chapters that make up this edited collection take the reader across a range of interesting and diverse topics. The use of corpora to explore a variety of issues from machine translation to teaching implications creates a link between the different chapters. An impressive range of languages is represented, including Lithuanian, Czech, Chinese, French, and Hungarian. As the title states, the studies include work with both monolingual and multilingual corpora, and the type of corpora is used as an organizing feature...This work addresses a range of interesting topics through well-written chapters. Readers interested in the breadth of topics and languages that can be addressed through corpus explorations will find this a useful collection." -Randi Reppen, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, December 2008
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