Mathematics of Surfaces

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September 2003



This volume collects the papers accepted for presentation at the 10th IMA C- ference on the Mathematics of Surfaces, held at the University of Leeds, UK, September 15-17, 2003. As with all earlier conferences in the series, contributors to this volume come from a wide variety of countries in Asia, Europe and North America. The papers presented here re?ect the continued relevance of the s- ject, and, by comparison with the contents of earlier volumes in the series, the changing nature of application areas and mathematical techniques. To give the casual browser of these proceedings an idea of the diversity of the subject area, the papers in the present volume cover such topics and techniques as digital geometry processing, computer graphics, surface topology, medical applications, subdivision surfaces, surface reconstruction, surface triangulation, waterma- ing, data compression, data smoothing, human-computer interaction, extracting shapeformshading,surfaceheightrecovery,reverseengineering,box-splines,the Plateau Problem, splines (a variety of papers), trans?nite blending, and a?ne arithmetic. There is also a paper in memory of the late Prof. Josef Hoschek of theTechnischeUniversit¿ atDarmstadt,co-authoredbyaformerresearchstudent, Prof. Bert Juttler, ¿ on the subject of using line congruences for parameterizing special algebraic surfaces. We would like to thank all those who attended the conference and helped to makeitasuccess. Inparticularwethankthosewhocontributedtotheseproce- ings.


Skeleton-Based Seam Computation for Triangulated Surface Parameterization.- Parameterizing N-Holed Tori.- Generic Parameterization of Bifurcating Structures.- Direct Computation of a Control Vertex Position on any Subdivision Level.- Optimising Triangulated Polyhedral Surfaces with Self-intersections.- Combinatorial Properties of Subdivision Meshes.- Watermarking 3D Polygonal Meshes Using the Singular Spectrum Analysis.- Compression of Arbitrary Mesh Data Using Subdivision Surfaces.- Triangle Mesh Duality: Reconstruction and Smoothing.- Hand Tracking Using a Quadric Surface Model and Bayesian Filtering.- Vector Transport for Shape-from-Shading.- A Graph-Spectral Method for Surface Height Recovery.- A Robust Reconstruction Algorithm of Displaced Butterfly Subdivision Surfaces from Unorganized Points.- Filling Holes in Point Clouds.- Trimming Local and Global Self-intersections in Offset Curves Using Distance Maps.- Using Line Congruences for Parameterizing Special Algebraic Surfaces.- Boundary Conditions for the 3-Direction Box-Spline.- The Plateau-Bézier Problem.- A Functional Equation Approach to the Computation of the Parameter Symmetries of Spline Paths.- Efficient One-Sided Linearization of Spline Geometry.- Procedural Modelling, Generative Geometry, and the International Standard ISO 10303 (STEP).- Variable-Free Representation of Manifolds via Transfinite Blending with a Functional Language.- Modified Affine Arithmetic Is More Accurate than Centered Interval Arithmetic or Affine Arithmetic.- On the Spine of a PDE Surface.- Application of PDE Methods to Visualization of Heart Data.


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