Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics

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Mai 1994



This volume is the proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics, held in New Orleans in April 1993. The focus of the conference series is the semantics of programming languages and the mathematics which supports the study of the semantics. The semantics is basically denotation. The mathematics may be classified as category theory, lattice theory, or logic. Recent conferences and workshops have increasingly emphasized applications of the semantics and mathematics. The study of the semantics develops with the mathematics and the mathematics is inspired by the applications in semantics. The volume presents current research in denotational semantics and applications of category theory, logic, and lattice theory to semantics.


Final universes of processes.- On the symmetry of sequentiality.- Computational adequacy via 'mixed' inductive definitions.- A structural co-induction theorem.- Three metric domains of processes for bisimulation.- Topological models for higher order control flow.- An investigation into functions as processes.- Time abstracted bisimulation: Implicit specifications and decidability.- Timewise refinement for communicating processes.- Axiomatising real-timed processes.- A predicative semantics for the refinement of real-time systems.- Compositional process semantics of Petri Boxes.- On the specification of elementary reactive behaviour.- A chemical abstract machine for graph reduction extended abstract.- Lifting theorems for Kleisli categories.- Sequential functions on indexed domains and full abstraction for a sub-language of PCF.- Another approach to sequentiality: Kleene's unimonotone functions.- Mechanizing logical relations.- Some quasi-varieties of iteration theories.- Probabilistic power domains, information systems, and locales.- Linear domains and linear maps.- Universal quasi-prime algebraic domains.- Holomorphic models of exponential types in linear logic.- A syntax for linear logic.- A complete axiomatisation for trace congruence of finite state behaviors.- The asymmetric topology of computer science.- Ultimately periodic words of rational ?-languages.- Category of ?-functors.- A categorical interpretation of Landin's correspondence principle.- An operational semantics for TOOPLE: A statically-typed object-oriented programming language.- On the transformation between direct and continuation semantics.
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