Soft Tissue Surgery

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April 2008



This volume of the Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery series focuses on management of soft tissue in orthopaedic trauma. World-renowned surgeons with experience in both soft tissue and bone management describe their preferred techniques in step-by-step detail.


OVERVIEW AND FOUNDATION Chapter 1 Why Wounds Fail to Heal Chapter 2 Initial Evaluation and Management of Complex Traumatic Wounds CHAPTER 3 Management of Simple Wounds: Local Flaps, Z-Plasty, and Skin Grafts CHAPTER 4 Vacuum-Assisted Closure in Extremity Trauma PART II Management of Soft Tissues within the Upper Extremity CHAPTER 5 Evaluation and Management of Nerve Injuries Following Soft Tissue and Bony Trauma CHAPTER 6 Management of Vascular Injuries Following Soft Tissue and Bony Trauma CHAPTER 7 Management of the Soft Tissue with Shoulder Trauma CHAPTER 8 Rotational Flaps for Rotator Cuff Repair CHAPTER 9 Surgical Exposure of the Elbow Following Bony and Soft Tissue Trauma CHAPTER 10 Radial Forearm Flap for Elbow Coverage CHAPTER 11 Pedicled and Free Latissimus Flap for Elbow and Forearm Coverage CHAPTER 12 Fasciotomies for Forearm and Hand Compartment Syndrome CHAPTER 13 Soft Tissue Interposition Flaps in the Management of Heterotopic Ossification and Proximal Radioulnar Synostosis PART III Management of Soft Tissues Within the Hand and Wrist CHAPTER 14 Principles of Hand Incisions CHAPTER 15 Lateral Arm Flap for Hand and Wrist Coverage CHAPTER 16 Posterior Interosseous Artery Island Flap for Dorsal Hand Coverage CHAPTER 17 Fillet Flaps in Cases of Mutilating Trauma CHAPTER 18 The Use of Free Flaps in Upper Extremity Reconstruction/Anterolateral Thigh Flap CHAPTER 19 Groin Flap Coverage of the Hand and Wrist PART IV Soft Tissue Coverage of the Fingers Following Trauma CHAPTER 20 Cross-Finger Flaps for Digital Soft Tissue Reconstruction CHAPTER 21 Heterodigital Arterialized Flap CHAPTER 22 Homodigital Island Flap CHAPTER 23 First Dorsal Metacarpal Artery Island Flap CHAPTER 24 Thumb Coverage PART V Management of the Soft Tissues of the Lower Extremity CHAPTER 25 Soft Tissue Management Following Traumatic Injury to the Femur CHAPTER 26 Management of Soft Tissue Defects Surrounding the Knee and Tibia: The Gastrocnemius Muscle Flap CHAPTER 27 Revision and Infected Total Knee Arthroplasty CHAPTER 28 The Pedicled Soleus Muscle Flap for Coverage of the Middle and Distal Third of the Tibia CHAPTER 29 The Sural Artery Flap CHAPTER 30 Fasciotomies of the Lower Extremity CHAPTER 31 Amputation and Stump Management PART VI Soft Tissue Management Around the Foot and Ankle CHAPTER 32 Soft Tissue Management of Ankle Fractures and Use of the Gracilis Muscle Flap CHAPTER 33 Calcaneal Fractures/Talar Neck Fractures CHAPTER 34 Flap Coverage for the Foot PART VII Soft Tissue Management Around the Spine and Pelvis CHAPTER 35 Soft Tissue Coverage of the Pelvis and Sacrum: Hemipelvectomy and Pedicled Flap Coverage PART VIII Replantation CHAPTER 36 Management of Major Upper Limb Amputation CHAPTER 37 Replantation of Digits INDEX
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