Markets in Historical Contexts: Ideas and Politics in the Modern World

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Februar 2007



Leading academics offer a historically informed, interdisciplinary inquiry into markets and their social and political relations.


Acknowledgements; List of contributors; 1. Markets in historical contexts: ideas, practices and governance Mark Bevir and Frank Trentmann; 2. Improving justice: communities of norms in the Great Transformation James Livesey; 3. The politics of political economy in France from Rousseau to Constant Richard Whatmore; 4. Tories and markets: Britain 1800-1850 David Eastwood; 5. Guild theory and guild organisation in France and Germany during the nineteenth century Heinz-Gerhard Haupt; 6. Thinking green, nineteenth-century style: John Stuart Mill and John Ruskin Donald Winch; 7. Tonnies on 'community' and 'civil society': clarifying some cross-currents in post-Marxian political thought Jose Harris; 8. German historicism, progressive social thought, and the interventionist state in the United States since the 1880s Axel R. Schafer; 9. Civilising markets: traditions of consumer politics in twentieth-century Britain, Japan and the United States Patricia Maclachlan and Frank Trentmann; 10. The ideologically embedded market: political legitimation and economic reform in India Rob Jenkins; 11. The locational and institutional embeddedness of electronic markets: the case of the global capital markets Saskia Sassen; Index.


MARK BEVIR is Associate Professor of Political Science at University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of The Logic of the History of Ideas (1999). FRANK TRENTMANN is Senior Lecturer in History at Birkbeck College and Director of the ESRC- and AHRB-funded Cultures of Consumption Research Programme.


'An important contribution to the literature of the new political economy, this collection of essays speaks directly to the current debate about globalisation ... this collection of diverse yet commonly themed essays will be most useful to scholars and graduate students, but its ideas are important and should trickle down.' Business History '... an important contribution to debates on the politics of markets in the modern world.' Historical Journal
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