Market Research and Modeling: Progress and Prospects

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Marketing Research and Modeling addresses state of the art developments including new techniques and methodologies by leading experts in marketing and marketing research. This work emphasizes new developments in Bayesian Decision Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling, Conjoint Analysis, Applications of Conjoint and MDS technique, Data Mining, Cluster Analysis, and Neural Networks.


Paul Green and a Brief History of Marketing Research.- 1. When BDT in Marketing Meant Bayesian Decision Theory: The Influence of Paul Green's Research.- 2. Applications of Multivariate Latent Variable Models in Marketing.- 3. Multidimensional Scaling and Clustering in Marketing: Paul Green's Role.- 4. Market Research and the Rise of the Web: The Challenge.- 5. Thirty Years of Conjoint Analysis: Reflections and Prospects.- 6. Conjoint Analysis, Related Modeling, and Applications.- 7. Buyer Choice Simulators, Optimizers, and Dynamic Models.- 8. A 20+ Years' Retrospective on Choice Experiments.- 9. Evolving Conjoint Analysis:From Rational Features/Benefits to an Off-the-Shelf Marketing Database.- 10. The Vagaries of Becoming (and Remaining) a Marketing Research Methodologist.- 11. The Journal of Marketing Research: Its Initiation, Growth, and Knowledge Dissemination.- 12. Personal Reflections and Tributes from the May 2002 Conference Celebrating Paul Green's Career.- 13. Continuing the Aldersonian Tradition.- 14. Reflections and Conclusions: The Link Between Advances in Marketing Research and Practice.- Appendix: Paul E. Green's Curriculum Vita.
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