Marihuana and Medicine

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April 1999



Leading physicians and scientists from around the world critically examine the pharmacological and molecular basis of the therapeutic properties of marihuana and its active ingredient, THC. They detail the broad array of marihuana's effects on brain function, the immune system, male and female reproductive functions, and cardiac and pulmonary functions, as well as evaluate its clinical applications in psychiatry, glaucoma, pain management, cancer chemotherapy, and AIDS treatment. Their studies indicate that marihuana persistently impairs the brain and reproductive function, and that marihuana smoke is more toxic and damaging to the lung than tobacco smoke. Marihuana and Medicine's reports of the latest findings on the pharmacological and molecular mechanisms of marihuana and of its clinical manifestations will be essential reading for physicians, psychiatrists, pharmacologists, health-care professionals, policy makers, public health officials, and attorneys.


Introduction: Marihuana and Medicine-A Historical Review. A Brief History of Four Millennia (BC 2000-AD 1974), Hélène Peters. The
Helsinki Symposium (1975), Gabriel G. Nahas and W. D. M. Paton. The Reims Symposium (1978), Gabriel G. Nahas, W. D. M. Paton, and D. J.
Harvey. Conflicting Reports on Marihuana and Health (1981-1982), A. S. Relman and C. Everett Koop. The Louisville Symposium of the
American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (1982), Stig Agurell, William L. Dewey, and Robert E. Willete. The
Oxford Symposium 'Marihuana '84', David J. Harvey, W. D. M. Paton and Gabriel G. Nahas. The Paris Symposium of the French 'National
Academie de Medicine' (1992), Jacques Chirac, Henri Baruk, Paul Lechat, and Henri Baylon. The 1997 Medical Controversy over the
Legalization of Marihuana for Medicine in the United States, Jerome P. Kassirer, Gabriel G. Nahas, Kenneth Sutin, W. Manger, and G. Hyman. Part I. Chemistry and Pharmacokinetics. Cannabinoid Geometry and Biological Activity, RaphaelMechoulam, W. A. Devane, and R. Glaser. Absorption, Distribution, and Biotransformation of the Cannabinoids, David J. Harvey. Pharmacokinetics of THC in Inhaled and Oral Preparations, Marilyn Huestis. Pharmacokinetics and Mechanisms of Action of Analgesics in Clinical Pain, John E. Stambaugh.
D9-THC Hemisuccinate in Suppository Form as an Alternative to Oral and Smoked THC, Larry A. Walker, Ernest C. Harland, Allyson M. Best, and Mahmoud A. ElSohly. Composition and Stability of a Standard Marihuana Cigarette, Brian F. Thomas, Victor L. Parker, Lillian W. Caddell, Larry V. Jones, Surinder K.Sabharwal, Andy I. McDaniel, Alison R. Keimowitz, Nicole M. Scheffler, E. Dale Hart, John M. Mitchell, and Kenneth H. Davis, Jr..Study Design Considerations in Clinical Trials with Marihuana, Reese T. Jones. Part II. Biochemistry and Molecular Mechanisms. Effects of THC on Brain and Social Organizationof Ants, Peter Waser. Studies of the Brain Cannabinoid System
Using Positron and Single-Photon Emission Tomography, S. John Gatley, Nora D. Volkow, and Alexandros Makriyannis. Cannabinoid Receptors and Their Ligands in Brain and Other Tissues, Roger G. Pertwee. Cannabinoid Interaction with Brain Reward Systems, Eliot L. Gardner. Dependence, Tolerance, and Alteration in Gene Expression, Noboru Hiroi. Cocaine and a Mechanism for Long-Term Changes in Gene Expression, Bruce T. Hope. Cannabonoids and the Cholinergic System, Edward F. Domino. Marihuana: Acute Effects on Human Memory, Loren L. Miller. Does THC Induce Aggression?: Suppression and Induction of Aggressive Reactions by Chronic and Acute
D9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Treatment in Laboratory Rats, Klaus A.Miczek. Part III. Pharmacology and Physiopathology. The Psychology and Physiologic Effects of Active Cannabinoids, Mario Perez-Reyes. Physiological and Pharmacological Interactions of Marihuana (THC) with Drugs and Anesthetics, Kenneth M. Sutin and Gabriel G. Nahas. Interactions of Marihuana and THC with Other Drugs: What We Don't, But Should, Know, Leo E. Hollister. Marihuana and the Lung, Donald P. Tashkin. Marihuana Smoking, a Possible Carcinogen or Cocarcinogen, George Hyman. Cardiovascular Effects of Marihuana and Cannabinoids, Renaud Trouve and Gabriel Nahas. The Immune Response and Marihuana, Harris Rosenkrantz. Marihuana and the Immune System, Guy A. Cabral. How to Design the Ideal Drug of the Future, Paul Janssen. Part IV. Marihuana and Reproductive Function. Cannabinoid Receptors in Sperm, Herbert Schuel, Michael C.
Chang, Lani J. Burkman, Robert P. Picone, AlexandrosMakriyannis, Arthur M. Zimmerman, and Selma Zimmerman. Effects of Cannabinoids on Spermatogenesis in Mice, Arthur M. Zimmerman, Selma Zimmerman, and A. Yesoda Raj. Effects of Marihuana Inhalation on Spermatogenesis of the Rat, Hosea F. S. Huang, Gabriel G. Nahas, and Wylie C. Hembree III. Changes in Human Spermatozoa Associa


"This is a comprehensive new book covering the pharmacological, metabolic, and therapeutic properties of marijuana. Written and edited by researchers in the field, this is a valuable contribution to the field. . .Topics covered include an historical review, chemistry and pharmacokinetics, biochemistry and molecular mechanisms, pharmacology and physiopathology, reproductive function, treatment of pain, glaucoma, effects on the nervous system, marijuana and psychiatry, AIDS management, marijuana and medicine, public health, and public policy. . .This is a valuable book with a focus on the molecular and clinical aspects
of marijuana."-Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal
"...the information is well presented, as one would expect from information provided in a formal presentation, and much of the information remains relevant to any reader regardless of initial knowledge base...extremely well written and attempt to present information about the use and effects of cannabis without involving emotion in the debate..."-Drug and Alcohol Review
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