Maos Children in the New China: Voices from the Red Guard Generation

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Around 18 million young Chinese people were sent to the countryside between 1966 and 1976 as part of the Cultural Revolution. "Mao's Children in the New China" for the first time allows some of them to tell their moving stories in their own voices. In this inspiring collection of interviews with former Red Guards, members of the first generation to be born under Chairman Mao talk frankly about the dramatic changes which have occurred in China over the last two decades. In discussing the impact these changes have had on their own lives, the former revolutionaries give a direct insight into how ex-Maoists view contemporary China, revealing an attitude perhaps more critical than that of most Western commentators.


Foreword. Acknowledgements. Part I: Author's Introductory Remarks Part II: The Interviewees 1.Lu Xin female: novelist. 2. Wu Shanren male: private businessman. 3. Wang Chen male: cadre in charge of a ferry company, and Wu Quing male, his friend, private businessman. 4. Jie Qian male: Director in a securities company. 5. Wang Xiaozhi male, deputy manager for a western company. 6. Yang Yinzi male, Factory technician. 7. Wan Jinli, male: general manager of a government sponsored project. 8. Zhu Xueqin male: college professor. 9. Chou Linlin female: former head of a factory clinic. 10. Li Xiquiang male: unemployed, and working on a book. 11. Chen Jianxin male: college professor. 12. Yang Yuan male: college administrator, and Song Ming male, his friend: purchasing agent for an industrial plant. 13. Gao Yunhua female: unemployed worker. 14. Hong Yongsheng male: historian. 15. Zhang Aixiang female: small business owner. 16. Lin Yuling male: publishing editor. 17. Dai Buqing male: unemployed worker. 18. Xu Xinhua male: high-school principal. 19. Cao Zhenshan male: foreign trade coordinator. 20. Cai Jinzhi male: general manager of a state farm factory. 21. Lin Juan female: editor of a woman's magazine. 22. Chai Beihua male: mananger of a printing shop. 23. Xu Yaoming male: mananger of a herbal medicine trading company 24. Song Xu male: lawyer. 25. Wang Xiaoying female: member of the Shanghai Writers' Association. Index


.."."the stories provide a set of rich and diverse perspectives on the lives of these 'third generation' Chinese during Deng's and Jiang's this sense, the book militates against the social science proclivity for easy generalization and thus could contribute usefully to complicating North American and Anglo readers' too-quick conclusion, that they 'understand' these events and the lives with which they are intertwined."--Joseph Schneider--Drake University-Journal of Asian Studies, May 2001."
"Unlike many books in the West that have portrayed the Red Guard generation as either hapless victimis and pawns of Mao's political games or vicious instigators of chaos and class warfare, "Mao's Children in the New China provides a more complicated, and more interesting, portrait... a very readable book, enjoyable for undergraduate students of China as well as scholars. "Asian Affairs, Spring 2002, Volume 29, No. 1."
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