Macroeconomic Volatility, Institutions and Financial Architecture: The Developing World Experience

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Januar 2008



The deregulation of domestic financial markets and the capital account in developing countries has frequently been associated with financial turmoil and macro volatility. The book analyzes the experiences of several countries, drawing implications for building development-friendly domestic and international financial architectures.


Macro Volatility and Financial Institutions;
J.M.Fanelli A Countercyclical Framework for a Development-Friendly IFA;
J.A.Ocampo &
S.Griffith-Jones Regional and Multilateral Efforts: Institution-Building;
Y.C.Park , Y.Wang &
D.Y.Yang Volatility: Prudential Regulation, Standards and Codes;
L.Rojas-Suarez The Political Economy of Reforming Domestic Financial Architectures;
A.Rius China;
H.X.Wu &
E.Y.P.Shea Thailand;
P.Pholphirul &
P.Vichyanond Russia;
A.Peresetsky &
V.Popov Argentina;
J.M.Fanelli Brazil;
F.E.Pires de Souza, G.Borges da Silveira &
F.J.Cardim de Carvalho Chile;
I.Magendzo &
D.Titelman South Africa;
M.Ayogu &
H.Dezhbakhsh Nigeria;
S.I.Ajayi &


JOSÿ MARÿA FANELLI is Senior Researcher at CEDES, Argentina. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires. He specializes in the analysis of macroeconomic and financial problems in developing countries and has published numerous academic articles and several books on these topics. He has been actively involved in the establishment of permanent research networks in the Latin American region.
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