Low Back Syndromes

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Written by an interdisciplinary team, Low Back Syndromes is the first truly comprehensive multidisciplinary text for low back conditions. Because today's patients expect their clinicians to possess an in-depth understanding of available treatments, this text covers the broad spectrum of clinical options currently available. From chiropractic to osteopathy, from medicine to physical therapy, from occupational medicine to evidence based health care, from psychology to surgery, from pain medicine to manipulation, from post-surgical rehabilitation to end-stage training of elite athletes, this is the first textbook to bring all the specialists together to allow clinicians direct access to state-of -the art standards of practice from a single source. Featuring internationally acclaimed contributors from a variety of specialties, this text is a practical guide for mastery of both traditional and newer techniques.


PART 1-OVERVIEW<h3>1.The Clinical Evolution of the Low Back and Its Syndromes by Craig E. Morris, DC <h/3><h3>2.Functional Anatomy of the Low Back by Robert Walker, Ph.D. & Jaroslav Grod, DC<h/3><h3>3.Low Back Biomechanics by Kim Ross, DC, PhD, Walter Herzog, PhD, Bruce Symons, PhD<h/3><h3>4.Epidemiology of Low Back Disorders by Eric Hurwitz, DC, PhD & Paul Shekelle, MD, PhD<h/3><h3>5.Functional Stability of the Low Back by Paul Hodges PT, PhD & Vladimir Janda, MD, DSc<h/3>PART 2-LOW BACK SYNDROMES<h3>6.The Disc & Its Syndromes by Dennis Skogsbergh, DC, & Matthew Kowalski, DC <h/3><h3>7.The Stenotic Syndromes by Matthew Kowalski, DC & Dennis Skogsbergh, DC<h/3><h3>8.The Posterior Joints: Zygaphophysial & Sacroiliac Joints by David Byfield, DC, Peter McCarthy, PhD, Vince Cascioli & Mark Webster <h/3><h3>9.Myofascial Low Back Pain Syndromes by Michael Schneider, DC <h/3><h3>10. "Red Flags" & Conditions Requiring Outside Referral or Co-Management by Donald Murphy, DC, Gideon Letz, MD, MPH, Craig E. Morris, DC <h/3><h3>11.Mechanical Low Back Pain and Chronic Disability Syndromes by Paul Hooper, MS, DC, Craig E. Morris, DC, David Cassidy, DC, PhD, Nils Nielson, DC, MD, PhD <h/3>PART 3-ASSESSMENT OF THE LOW BACK <h3>12. History & Physical Examination by Diane Resnick, DC, Craig E. Morris, DC <h/3><h3>13.Functional Assessment for Low Back Syndromes by Craig E. Morris, DC & Vladimir Janda, MD<h/3><h3>14.Outcomes Measures for the Low Back by Mark Edinger, DC, Steven Yeomans, DC & Alan Breen DC, PhD <h/3><h3>15. McKenzie Assessment Techniques by Steven Heffner, DC, Robin McKenzie, PT & Ron Donelson, MD <h/3><h3>16. Diagnostic Testing: Radiography, CT/MRI, Flouroscopy & Bone Scan by Dennis Skogsbergh, DC & Kendall Jones, MD<h/3><h3>17.Diagnostic Testing: Discography, Diagnostic Blocks, Laboratory Testing by Srdjan Nikeljkovic, MD <h/3><h3>18.Diagnostic Testing: Electro Diagnostics by Rand Swenson, DC, MD, PhD <h/3><h3>19.Biopsychosocial Assessment for Low Back Syndromes by Andrew Block, PhD & Jake Epker, PhD<h/3>Part 4- Conservative Techniques for Low Back Syndromes<h3>20. Manipulation Techniques For Low Back Syndromes by Paul Hooper, MS, DC & Craig E. Morris, DC <h/3><h3>21. Biomechanical Effects of Spinal Manipulation by Walter Herzog, PhD<h/3><h3>22. McKenzie Treatment Protocols for Low Back Syndromes by Steven Heffner, DC, Robin McKenzie, PT & Gary Jacob, DC, LAc <h/3><h3>23.Mobilization & Myofascial Lengthening Techniques by Vladimir Janda, MD, DSc, Muffit Jensen, DC, Craig E. Morris, DC & Curtis Rigney, DC <h/3><h3>24.Minimally Invasive Procedures for the Treatment of Low Back Syndromes by Srdjan Nikeljkovic, MD<h/3> <h3>25. Practical Overview of Manual Therapy Procedures by Vladimir Janda, MD, DSc, Phillip Greenman, DO, J. Leonard Faye, DC & Donald Murphy, DC<h/3>PART 5-REHABILITATION OF THE LOW BACK<h3>26. Rehabilitation Strategies for Low Back Syndromes by Donald Murphy, DC & Craig E. Morris, DC<h/3><h3>27. Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Protocols by Andre Labbe, PT & Phil Page, MS, PT<h/3><h3>28. Sensorimotor Training & Functional Stabilization by Donald Murphy, DC & Craig E. Morris, DC<h/3><h3>29. Management of Athletic Low Back Injuries by Steven George, PT, Rick Lehman, MD, & Anthony Delitto, PT, PhD<h/3><h3>30. End Stage Training for the Elite Athlete with Low Back Syndromes by Rick Lehman, MD, Craig Morris, DC , Scott Rose, PT & Greg Roskopf, MA <h/3>PART 6-CLINICAL MANAGEMENT<h3>31. Evidence-based Treatment for Low Back Pain by Nickolai Bogduk, MD <h/3><h3>32. Clinical Decision Making: When to Recommend Back Surgery by Rick Delamarter, MD & Kambiz Hannani, MD<h/3><h3>33. Psychological Screening for Low Back Surgeries by Andrew Block, Ph.D. <h/3><h3>34. Management of Occupational Low Back Injuries by Alan Colledge, MD, Edward B. Holmes, MD, MPH, Roger Pack, PT, Hugh I. Johnson, MPA & Scott Deberard, PhD <h/3><h3>35. Clinical Management of Chronic, Disabling Low Back Syndromes by Vert Mooney, MD, & Joe Verna, DC, Craig E. Morris, DC <h/3><h3>36. Risk Management for Low Back Syndromes by James Kutz, Esq, David Chapman-Smith, LLB, & Craig E. Morris, DC<h/3><h3>37. Low Back Syndromes: A Final Perspective by Craig E. Morris, DC


Craig Morris is an Adjunct Associate Clinical Professor at Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles and a member of the post-graduate Faculty at Southern California University of Health Sciences and Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He received extensive post-graduate training at the Charles University Medical Faculty Manual Medicine and Rehabilitation in Prague, Czech Republic, especially under the tutelage of the late Professor Vladimir Janda. Dr. Morris has lectured around the world on topics that include sports injuries, rehabilitation and medico-legal topics. He serves as the chairman of the Manual Medicine and Manipulation Committee for the American Back Society, an organization dedicated to multidisciplinary academic excellence for assessment and treatment spinal conditions. Dr. Morris combines his multidisciplinary experience and journalism background to bring this book to clinicians everywhere.


"...this interdisciplinary textbook [Low Back Syndromes] does an exceptional job of incorporating current evidence and understanding of what has been a clinical challenge into a syndrome classification approach. In addition, this is one of the first textbooks to combine the contributions of all relevant clinical specialties into a single work...this is a must-have reference for all practicing clinicians." Physical Therapy 20061201
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