Loss and Grief: A Guide for Human Services Practitioners

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April 2002



This edited volume explores the wide range of practice situations across the human services in which issues loss and grief are likely to be important. It also extends understandings of loss and grief beyond death-related losses, encompassing new developments in the theoretical literature. Addressing the social and political dimensions of loss and grief as well as the psychological dimensions, this text brings together contributors from a variety of disciplines, professional background and countries, including such renowned figures as Dame Cicely Saunders and Robert A.Neimeyer.


Foreword; J.D.Morgan Preface Acknowledgements PART 1: LOSS IN CONTEXT The Philosophy of Hospice; C.Saunders Spirituality: A Personal View; B.Moss Meaning Reconstruction Theory; R.Neimeyer and A. Anderson Race and Culture; S.Desai and D.Bevan Gender; G.Riches Poverty and Deprivationy; D.Bevan PART 2: ARENAS OF LOSS Children and Divorce; B.Kroll Adoption and Substitute Care; M.Romaine Disability; B.Sapey Ill-Health; J.Katz Older People; S.Thompson Losses and Justice: An Australian Perspective; J.Dawes PART 3: WORKING WITH LOSS Teaching and Learning about Loss; J.Weinstein A Framework for Working with Loss; M.Lloyd References Index


Edited By Neil Thompson


'The author's comprehensive approach will appeal to a wide range of healthcare professionals, including nurses and lecturers, and practitioners working or undertaking specialist and social care.
I found this book exciting and thought provoking. It would be an excellent resource for individuals as well as university libraries responsible for inter-professional healthcare training and education.' - Barbara Borwell MA, RGN, Dip Couns, Nursing Standard
'It is rare to find such a valuable resource as this book that considers gender, race and class and losses resulting from 'social disenfranchisements' such as divorce, adoption or being fostered. The book re-enfranchises those experiencing loss and grief. It is highly recommended for all practitioners in health and social care, not just those working in palliative care or bereavement services.' - Jonathan Parker, University of Hull
'..adds new perspectives that will expand our understanding.' - Resources Hotline, The World Pastoral Care Centre
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