Locating Woolf: The Politics of Space and Place

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Juni 2007



This book offers an in-depth treatment of Woolf's representations of space and place. Eleven essays contribute not only to Woolf studies but also to emergent debates concerning modernism's relations to empire and geography. They offer innovative and interdisciplinary readings on topics such as London's imperial spaces and the gendering of space.


List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Abbreviations Introduction: Approaches to Space and Place in Woolf; A.Snaith & M.H.Whitworth PART
I: GENDERED SPACES Flights of Fancy: Spatial Digression and Storytelling in A Room of One's Own ; T.Seeley Women and Interruption in Between the Acts ; H.Southworth PART
II: URBAN AND RURAL SPACES 'Re-reading Sickert's Interiors': Woolf, English Art and the Representation of Domestic Space; L.Peach Representing Nation and Nature: Woolf, Kelly, White; S.Kosugi PART
III: POSTCOLONIAL SPACES Virginia Woolf and the Empire Exhibition of 1924: Modernism, Excess and the Verandahs of Realism; K. Koenigsberger Virginia Woolf and Ireland: The Significance of Patrick in The Years ; S.Lynch PART
IV:NEW TECHNOLOGIES 'Reflections in a Motor Car': Woolf's Phenomenological Relations of Time and Space; L.K.Schröder Virginia Woolf and the Synapses of Radio; J.Lewty PART
V: TRANSCULTURAL SPACES 'Our Commitments to China': Migration and the Geopolitical Unconscious of The Waves ; N.Ota Orlando and the Tudor Voyages; I.Blyth Works Cited Index


Edited By Anna Snaith and Michael Whitworth


'Each chapter offers illuminating and innovative readings of space and place in Woolf. This is an excellent collection of essays and will be a critical touchstone for years to come.' - Dr Jane Goldman, Department of English, University of Dundee, UK '...the range and diversity of its essays is perhaps the most striking feature of this collection.' - Eric Sandberg, Partial Answers 'It is a volume that should be a reference point for all future studies of Woolf, not only those interested in work on spatial themes, and the editors should be commended for the care and attention they have devoted to the selection and presentation of the essays, which often connent and overlap in their interests, enriching the coherence of the volume overall.' - Andrew Thacker, The Review of English Studies
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