Lives for Sale: Biographers' Tales

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Biography is well recognised as a peculiarly British vice. This new anthology is a collection of essays by some of the best biographers now writing in Britain. They tell of the ups and downs of life writing: of problems with families and friends of their subjects, of shocking new discoveries, and of bitter professional rivalries. Essays in favour of biography, others that describe disenchantment with an attempt to capture another human being in the pages of a book.


Introduction Mark Bostridge; Preface; The Death Mask - Lyndall Gordon; Personality Rights - Andrew Wilson; A Narcissist's Wedding - Graham Robb; Confessions of a Long-Distance Biographer - Robert Skidelsky; A Great House Full of Rooms - Hermione Lee; A Love Triangle - Frances Wilson; Pantherine - Jeremy Lewis; Rebecca's Ghost - Margaret Forster; Breaking In - Andrew Motion; Archives - Diarmaid MacCulloch; Glendower's Syndrome - Hilary Spurling; The Dictionary Man - Brian Harrison; Polar Gap - Sara Wheeler; Starting Over - Claire Tomalin; Ipplepen 269 - Mark Bostridge; Optical Research - Antonia Fraser; Catching Trout - Frances Spalding; La-Dl-Dah - Andrew Roberts; My Race Not To Be The Second Primo - Ian Thomson; Stuff With Raw Edges - Lucasta Miller; No Respect - John Sutherland; Fever - Kathryn Hughes; Caught in the Net - Ann Wroe; Finding A Good Woman - Michael Holroyd; Brushstrokes - Ben Pimlott; Baptism by Fire - Fiona MacCarthy; He Put my Brother in his Book - D.J. Taylor; Manuscript Moments - Jenny Uglow; Tarts - Jane Ridley; The Hand from the Grave - Miranda Seymour; Who Is Sylvia? - Claire Harman; Feeling Byronic - T.J. Binyon; And Waiting for the Biographer - Beryl Bainbridge; Biographies


Mark Bostridge's books include Vera Brittain: A Life, shortlisted for the Whitbread Biography Award, the NCR Prize for Non-Fiction, and the Fawcett Prize, and the bestselling Letters From a Lost Generation. He is currently writing a biography of Florence Nightingale.


"Concerns for accuracy and detail seem to cut across all biographers' discussion of their work, and how they respond to this need is varied and will be of interest to those writers and historians looking to take up the art." Library Journal, January 15, 2005--Sanford Lakoff "Library Journal "
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