Literature of the Sturm Und Drang

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Carefully focused essays on major aspects of one of the most significant German literary movements, the Storm and Stress.


Sturm und Drang passions and 18th-century psychology; Herder and the Sturm und Drang; Ossian, Herder and the idea of folk song; "Shakespeare has quite spoilt you" - the drama of Sturm und Drang; the theatre practice of Sturm und Drang; the rhetoric of freedom in the Sturm und Drang; young Goethe's political fantasies; "Wilde Wunsche" - the discourse of love in the Sturm und Drang; discursive dissociations - women playwrights as observers of the Sturm und Drang; Schiller and the end of the Sturm und Drang; the Sturm und Drang in music; the Sturm und Drang and the periodization of the 18th century.


DAVID HILL is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of German Studies at the University of Birmingham, UK, and has written extensively on German literature of the late eighteenth century, in particular on Gellert, Lessing, Wezel, Goethe, Klinger, Lenz and Burger.


Reader-friendly, informative, this work is an important addition to secondary literature on the Sturm und Drang... In his magisterial introduction Hill provides an excellent overview that paves the way for the more specialized contributions...The 20-page bibliography is a valuable tool for anyone interested in the Sturm und Drang. Highly recommended. CHOICE ... a most welcome contribution to a subject that has not received much attention in recent years... The anthology provides many new insights without diminishing the merits of traditional Sturm-und-Drang scholarship. GERMAN QUARTERLY
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