Light Curves of Variable Stars: A Pictorial Atlas

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Juni 2005



This unique volume provides a complete reference on variable stars. It presents a wealth of typical light- and colour-curves to allow identification, together with a detailed and up-to-date description of each subclass. The editors, together with seven other world experts, have created a unique pictorial atlas of variable stars. In the first chapter they give a clear introduction to the nomenclature and classification of the light curves of variable stars, and to photometric systems. In the remaining chapters they provide a detailed account of each subclass: from eruptive, pulsating, rotating and cataclysmic variables, through to eclipsing-binary systems and X-ray binaries. Specific variable stars, types and classes of variables, together with key astrophysical terms can be quickly and easily located in the book by means of detailed object-name and subject indexes. This comprehensive and up-to-date volume provides an essential reference for all those interested in variable stars - from researchers and graduate students through to dedicated amateurs.


List of contributors; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Introduction; 2. Eruptive variables; 3. Pulsating variables; 4. Rotating variables; 5. Cataclysmic (explosive and nova-like) variables; 6. Eclipsing binary systems; 7. X-ray binaries; References; Addresses of interest; Abbreviations of constellation names; Julian dates; Compendium of variable star newsletters; Subject index; Object index.


'In conclusion, this is an advanced (graduate/research) level text which should belong in all astronomy libraries, and really succeeds in its declared aim.' Phil Charles, Astronomy Now ' ... an extremely useful reference guide to both graduate students and the well informed amateur.' Gary Poyner, Journal of the British Astronomical Association 'What a splendid idea! This book fills a real gap in the literature and will be required reading for all those interested in variable stars ... This book should become a standard work.' Tim Lloyd Evans, The Observatory ' ... the book does contain some of the best available plotted variable star data ... a useful reference for a wide readership.' Irish Astronomical Journal ' ... a book of great value to all interested in variable stars ... I know that I shall be referring to my copy frequently and heartily recommend it.' Albert Jones, Southern Stars '...the authors have complied a compendium of characteristic light curves to help classification...It is very handy to have all this information in one place.' American Association of Variable Star Observers Bookstore
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