Life Cycle Tribology: 31st Leeds-Lyon Tribology Symposium

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Januar 2006



The 31st Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology was held at Trinity and All Saints College in Leeds under the title "Life Cycle Tribology" from Tuesday 7th September until Friday 10th September 2004. Over the three days of presentations that followed, life cycle tribology was explored across a range of areas including automotive tribology, bearings, bio-degradability and sustainability, bio-tribology, coatings, condition monitoring, contact mechanics, debris effects, elastohydrodynamic lubrication, lubricants, machine systems, nanotribology, rolling contact fatigue, transmissions, tribochemistry and wear and failure. Invited talks in these fields were presented by leading international researchers and practitioners, namely C.J. Hooke, J.A. Williams, R.J.K. Wood, G. Isaac, S.C. Tung, D. Price, I. Sherrington, M. Hadfield, K. Kato, R.I. Taylor, H.P. Evans, R.S. Dwyer-Joyce and H. Rahnejat.


Introduction A short history and summary of publication arrangements for the Leeds-Lyon symposia on tribology; SYMPOSIA 1-31 (1974-2004) Refereeing SESSION l Keynote Addresses SESSION II Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication 1 SESSION III Nanotribology 1 SESSION IV Lubricants 1 SESSION V Bio-Tribology 1 SESSION VI Coatings 1 SESSION VII Transmissions SESSION VIII Tribochemistry SESSION IX Condition Monitoring SESSION X Rolling Contact Fatigue SESSION XI Bio-Tribology 2 SESSION XII Coatings 2 SESSION XIII Lubricants 2 SESSION XIV Bio-degradability A Sustainability SESSION XV Machine Systems 1 SESSION XVI Contact Mechanics, Wear and Failure SESSION XVII Automotive 1 SESSION XVIII Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication 2 SESSION XIX Coatings 3 SESSION XX Wear and Debris Effects SESSION XXI Bearings SESSION XXII Automotive 2 SESSION XXIII Machine Systems 2 SESSION XXIV Nanotribology 2 SESSION XXV Bio-tribology 3 Written Discussion List of Delegates
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