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This book is an edited collection of the literature on leptin beginning with the discovery of leptin and a study of its affect on animals and in humans. Chapters will focus on the discovery, history, roles and regulation of leptin in all the major areas of physiology, as well as on assay methods, phylogeny and genetics. The timing of this volume is long overdue and is the first comprehensive coverage of leptin physiology in the field.


The Obese (ob/ob) Mouse and the Discovery of Leptin.- Leptin Receptors.- Leptin and Obesity.- Leptin and Neuroendocrinology.- Leptin-Insulin Interrelationships.- Leptin and Other Endocrine Systems.- Leptin and Immune Function, Inflammation and Angiognenesis.- Leptin and Bone Central control of bone metabolism by leptin.- Roles and Regulation of Leptin in Reproduction.- Leptin and Cardiovascular Disease.- Leptin and Cancer.- Lipodystrophy: The experiment of nature to study leptin.- Pulsatile and Diurnal Leptin Rhythms.- Leptin in Farm Animals.- Genetic Disorders Involving Leptin and the Leptin Receptor.- Immunoassays for Leptin and Leptin Receptors.- Clinical Applications of Leptin.


From the reviews:
"This book is unique among reviews on leptin because it covers a number of different areas, and does so well. ... Overall, the book serves as an excellent resource for students and researchers and will provide an accessible starting point for more in-depth reading of the primary literature for a given topic." (Matthew J. Brady, Doody's Electronic Journal, January, 2007)
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