Legitimacy Beyond the State?: Re-Examining the Democratic Credentials of Transnational Actors

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August 2010



Combining case studies with normative theory, this book analyzes the democratic credentials of transnational actors participating in global governance, ranging from corporations and philanthropic foundations to NGOs and social movements. This leads to innovative interpretations of democratic legitimacy in a transnational context.


List of Tables Foreword Notes on Contributors PART
I: SETTING THE SCENE Democratic Credentials of Transnational Actors: An Introduction; E.Erman &
A.Uhlin Democratic Legitimacy of Transnational Actors: Mapping out the Conceptual Terrain; A.Uhlin PART
II: DEMOCRATIC CREDENTIALS OF DIFFERENT TRANSNATIONAL ACTORS Democratic Legitimacy of Transnational Corporations in Global Governance; D.Fuchs, A.Kalfagianni & J.Sattelberger Democratic Legitimacy of Philanthropic Foundations: US Grant-Making in the Middle East; A.Vogel Good Morals or Good Business? NGO Advocacy and the World Bank's 10th IDA; C.Pallas Transnational Social Movements and Democratic Legitimacy;
B.Beauzamy Diaspora Groups, Transnational Activism and Democratic Legitimacy;
C.Kinnvall & B.Petersson PART
III: DEMOCRATIC PROBLEMS AND POSSIBILITIES IN A TRANSNATIONAL CONTEXT Democratic Credentials or Bridging Mechanisms? Constituents, Representatives and the Dual Politics of Democratic Representation; E.Peruzzotti Why Adding Democratic Values Is Not Enough for Global Democracy; E.Erman Conclusion: Transnational Actors and Global Democracy; E.Erman & A.Uhlin Index


Edited By Eva Erman and Anders Uhlin
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