Learning to Teach in the Primary School

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Juli 2006



This new textbook provides valuable support to student teachers on primary ITT, BEd and PGCE courses. It provides a sound and practical introduction to the teaching skills as well as the theory underpinning them.


Introduction. Section 1: Becoming a Teacher Primary Teaching: A Personal Perspective. Professionalism and Trainee Teachers Section 2: Exploring the Nature of Learning and Teaching Looking at Children. Looking at Learning. From Learning to Teaching. Developing Your Teaching Skills Section 3: Planning and Managing Learning Approaching Planning: Medium and Long Term. Approaching Planning: Short Term. Managing Classroom Behaviour. Managing Group Work. Organising Your Classroom for Learning. Planning for Learning Outside the Classroom Section 4: Approaches to the Curriculum The Aims of Primary Education. The National Context for the Curriculum. The Scottish Context for the Curriculum. The Curriculum Section 5: Recent Developments in Primary Education Creativity in the Curriculum. Thinking Skills. Learning through Dialogue. Citizenship in the Primary School. Gifted and Talented Section 6: Diversity and Inclusion Inclusive Approaches. Providing for Differentiation. Education for Cultural Diversity and Social Justice. Responding to Gender Differences. Responding to Linguistic Diversity Section 7: Assessment Assessment and Learning: Summative Approaches. Assessment and Learning: Formative Approaches Section 8: Partnership in Practice Managing Other Adults in the Classroom. Collaborating with Parents. Working with External Agencies. Attendance and Child Welfare Issues Section 9: Your Professional Development Applying for Jobs and Preparing Your Induction Year. Your Legal and Ethical Responsibilities. Continuing Your Professional Development


University of Birmingham, UK The Open University, UK

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