Latino/as in the United States

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The Latina/o population in the United States has become the largest minority group in the nation. Latinas/os are a mosaic of people, representing different nationalities and religions as well as different levels of education and income. This edited volume uses a multidisciplinary approach to document how Latinas and Latinos have changed and continue to change the face of America. It also includes critical methodological and theoretical information related to the study of the Latino/a population in the United States.


Theoretical And Methodological Issues Of Latina/O Research.
Theoretical and Methodological Issues of Latina/o Research.
Immigration And Latina/O Incorporation.
New Latino Destinations.
Latino Incorporation in the United States in Local and Transnational Contexts.
The Social Demography Of Latinas/Os.
Demographic Patterns: Age Structure, Fertility, Mortality, and Population Growth.
Through Children's Eyes: Families and Households of Latino Children in the United States.
U.S. Latinos/as and the "American Dream": Diverse Populations and Unique Challenges in Housing.
Latino Health Paradoxes: Empirical Evidence, Explanations, Future Research, and Implications.
Latino Crime and Delinquency in the United States.
Schooling, Work, And Income Among Latinas/Os.
The Educational Experiences of Latinos in the United States.
Latinos in the United States Labor Market.
Latino/a Entrepreneurship in the United States: A Strategy of Survival and Economic Mobility.
Income, Earnings, and Poverty: A Portrait of Inequality Among Latinos/as in the United States.
Latina/O Culture.
Mapping the Dynamic Terrain of U.S. Latina/o Media Research.
As the Latino/a World Turns: The Literary and Cultural Production of Transnational Latinidades.
Religion and Religiosity.
Redefining Borders: The Latina/O Population In The United States.
Latinos/os (in) on the Border.
Entre Nosotras/os: Theorizing, Researching, and Constructing Cross-Latina/o Relations in the United States.
Beyond Gender Dichotomies: Toward a New Century of Gendered Scholarship in the Latina/o Experience.
Adelante Mujer: Latina Activism, Feminism, and Empowerment.
Latinas and Latinos, Sexuality, and Society: A Critical Sociological Perspective.
Political Mobilization And Participation Among Latinas/Os.
Latino Partisanship, Political Activity and Vote Choice.
Political Orientations and Latino Immigrant Incorporation.
Political Mobilization and Activism Among Latinos/as in the United States.
Unions and the Unionization of Latinas/os in the United States.
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