Language, Memory, and Aging

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From a cognitive standpoint, the authors consider the role of awareness in memory and language.


Preface; 1. Theories of information processing and theories of aging; 2. Effects of aging on verbal abilities: examination of the psychometric literature; 3. Aging and individual differences in memory for written discourse; 4. Geriatric psycholinguistics: syntactic limitations of oral and written language; 5. Aging and memory activation: the priming of semantic and episodic memories; 6. Automatic and effortful semantic processes in old age: experimental and naturalistic approaches; 7. Integrating information from discourse: do older adults show deficits?; 8. Comprehension of pragmatic implications in young and older adults; 9. Capacity theory and the processing of inferences; 10. Age differences in memory for texts: production deficiency or processing liminations?; 11. Episodic memory and knowledge interactions across adulthood; 12. The disorder of naming in Alzheimer's disease; 13. Language and memory processing in semile dementia Alzheimer's type; 14. Patterns of language and memory in old age; Author index; Subject index.


'This volume addresses the relation between language and memory in old age. The authors draw on a range of methodologies and compare young and older adults (both normal and demented). Representing the major perspectives in contemporary cognitive theory, they consider such current issues as the role of awareness in memory and language, the relation between semantic and episodic memory, the distinction between automatic and attentional processes, and the usefulness of distinguishing among levels of processing. Language, Memory, and Aging will be welcomed not only as a valuable overview of an active research area but also as an impetus to further theoretical and empirical development.' New England Journal of Human Services 'A sound review containing extensive references.' SciTech Book News 'This is a must read for anyone interested in aging and cognitive defects.' Choice 'In an unusually successful effort, Light and Burke provide a cohesive treatment of the themes and issues of research on language, memory, and aging, not just the chapters in their book ... A unique feature of this book is that it contains two chapters, one by Emery and the other by Huff, that explore the parallel between normal age-related changes and those due to disease, such as Alzheimer's. It is important to integrate this area of research further in normal cognitive aging and cognitive psychology.' Contemporary Psychology
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